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Originally Posted by HTRN
I'm acquainted with Magnum Research's BFR revolver, they've been making them for at least 5 years that I know of. I was never terribly impressed with them to be honest, They just felt like shoddy workmanship. But then again, my tastes run to Freedom Arms, which, in all honesty, is the nicest production Single Action on the market. I really want one in .475 Linebaugh, or the intrigueing .500 Wyoming Express(which is really interesting, in that it's possibly the most powerful revolver cartridge in NORMAL sized guns). Considering I already have production molds for the .475, and that brass is available from multiple sources, I'd probably stick with that.

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I would second the opinion on the Freedom Arms guns. They have a good reputaton for quality. I currently have just two large bore revolvers, a Ruger Redhawk in 44 mag and a S&W 657 in 41 mag. I`ve owned a Ruger Blackhawk in 45 LC in the past. I kind of wish I hadn`t sold that one and the Colt Andaconda in 44 mag. Even though there are some real beasts of pistols out there, I would prefer to have a shotgun or rifle anyday for bear. I still wouldn`t mind having a few Freedom Arms pistols just because their cool.
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My little Dakota Sheriff in 45LC.. 3" barrel, blued with case hardening.
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HRTN... it's a Italian Clone..but it's pretty clean and of good quality and could very well be an Uberti that was sold off to another company... they make a ton of guns for a bunch of different importers.

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There are some real values among the italian Colt clones, and there's some real crapola. The trick is figuring out which is which.

One company I've heard good things about is US Firearms Mfg. Company. When first introduced, they were a real value for the dollar. Unfortunately, the price of their guns has since sky rocketed. Guess they realized what they had and decided to charge accordingly. I will suggest this though, seriously consider a trigger job by somebody who knows what they're doing. You would be amazed what a difference that will make. It looks like one of the "Pinkerton" models IAR currently imports.

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