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Property taxes are kind of weird. I had worked on plans for a plot of land that a family friend is willing to let go for below market value. (Three cheers for well off old people who hate their kids!)

I had drawn up initial plans for how to develop it. 90% of the materials were going to be locally/regionally harvested wood and stone, most of the labour would have been by myself and other family members, and at the end of the ten year plan I would have a beautiful property, possibly one of the highest value pieces of private residential land on the island.

Then a friend calculated the range of taxes I would apparently pay on it, based on her high and low estimates of what it would likely be worth in that time frame.

The lowest was just shy of my current entry level take-home.
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I'm sorry. Government assistance is supposed to be a "last ditch" safety net designed to allow you to live and survive. Luxuries, like a million dollar water front house, are supposed to be given up before that safety net needs to be used.
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Eh people find loopholes every day, the nice people that actually try to survive on their own with no help are the ones that suffer, the ones who dont care about morals and rather screw everyone else to get a penny are the ones that survive comfy. Why would i go out and get a minimum wage job when i can make about 13 bucks an hour worth on government aid.

Now my opinion is kinda stuck both ways, if you do nothing, they got away free, but if you make them pay the money back, then you're just making them pay money back to the greedy government that will just put it back in their pocket

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