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Thank you Fridaddy,

I remember great people like Jessica Sparks who used to champion efforts to fight impending legislation in APG. Does anyone know if she is still involved in protecting the rights of paintballers?

Mods feel free to lock this thread if it crosses the boundry of being political, that was not my intention. I just wanted to bring attention to something that could affect us if we turn a blind eye to it. I for one would donate to a legitimate source who is in our corner on issues like these as I am sure most here would too.

Someone who knows someone at APG please make the call. I'm saving some money for my sons car and it may not sound like a lot but I have $100.00 to donate to save my sport for this effort.

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All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to shoot nothing.

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not sure but last I heard Jessica Sparks may be in a bit of muddy waters at the moment....

I think the real fear I have is that what starts off with best intentions and such can so easily be misguided onto a slippery slope - sometimes we overact with law when the reality is reason and accountability are what is being lost in the effort....

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