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Help please car related

I have recently taken out the starter and I thought I had a good idea by sticking the fasteners to a rather large and powerful magnet that has now come up missing. The vehicle in question is a 03 bravada with the straight six. The fasteners were all of the ones the connected the starter to the car and the electrical connections.

SO what I am asking for is a site or info as for the specs for the fasteners.
Of course if you are local there is always delivery by trebuchet. However, either method of delivery requires wrapping in a plastic bag to prevent leakage of urine.<from pickle>
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bummer, idk about a website...
what size heads did the bolts have? for example 10mm bolts take a
14mm socket a lot of the time.
you should be able to figure out lengths easy enough.
your local harware store might have what you need. take the starter right in with you to figure out the nut or bolt that holds the cable/wires onto it.
if youre buddies w/ someone at a salvage yard or dealership would be helpfull.
good luck

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I agree go to dealer, they shouldn't be that expensive.
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2003 Oldsmobile BRAVADA Engine Parts like Starter
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I don't know what the weather is like in Indiana right now, but you could always go to a pull your part junk yard. I would bet most chevy S10's and Blazers have the same hardware. It will definitely be metric.
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