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15 story hotel in 90 hours

Not sure if this was posted before but it's cool, per fab, the way to go.
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Pretty awesome.
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Seconded. Hence forth this is to be the official nomenclature of marker sales. Violators will be violated.
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And to think Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has trouble putting up a two-story single-family home in 7 days...

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Haha, just imagine living across the street from that, going away on a long weekend, coming home, and BAM! Where the hell did THAT come from?!?! lol
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That's pretty impressive.
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I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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That's just the shell though, right? you still have to run wires, pipes, and finish the interior.
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I don't think it's just the shell. Looks to me like they did all of the interiors as well. As impressive as 90 hours is to do it (which I am by no means taking away from), it would be interesting to know how long it took to pre-fab all of the components. I'm guessing at least a few weeks. After that, it all comes down to people power. You put 100 guys on a project, it takes them 5 months. You put 1000 people on it, it takes them 5 days.
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Little more complex than just throwing more man power at a project. Actually throwing more people on a job tends to slow things down more often than speeding it up. Assuming the project wasn't horribly understaffed to begin with.

Getting a large number of people working effectively on a project is a monumental task. After all, if you get too many people working in a small area then you face a range of risks: Health and safety, accidents are easier to occur. Wasted time, people spend more and more time waiting for others to get out of the way so they can do their job.

(On a related note is the issue of the mythical man month. The commonly accepted myth that adding more people to a project that is falling behind helps. Most common in software, you throw new people at a project, and they don't know what is going on, they have to be trained, they're not in sync with the rest of the team, etc. In the end, you waste tons of money and you don't get any closer to your deadline.)

Being able to divide tasks up into parallel jobs, and timing their completions is a really cool and complex tasks.

If you're interested, read up on Just In Time processes. Very cool.
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