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Any fly fisherman on MCB?

I've been fly fishing for more than half my life, and fishing for almost all of it. If I had another hobby besides paintball, it would be fly fishing.

I have recently gotten into the Japanese method called "tenkara" and I am enjoying it alot.

Any enthusiasts on here?

Here's a "few" fish i have caught with a fly rod.

A pike I caught in Finland at my Girlfriends's parents lake.

8 weight rod:

Fishing in Colorado. 6 weight rod, about an 16 inch rainbow

A nice bass caught in a pond in Texas. Was fishing for bluegill with my 4 weight orvis superfine, and caught this Beaut.

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I have dabble a little bit since my dad taught me. I am currently using one of his old pole setups, though hopefully that will get replaced now that he has got back into building custom bamboo rods.

Sadly I only get to go a few times a year what with school and all.
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I fished a lot as a kid with my dad and grandfather with the standard rod and reel. Never been fly fishing, but also bought some Tenkara gear to give them both a shot this year.
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Been fly fishing since I was 10. It is a great hobby for those times when I do not have the money to go play paintball. Our latest passion has been carp on the fly rod.
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I used to fly fish, then i took an hook to the throat.

Seriously, i was fishing with my dad and was a ways off to the right of him, he was flipping off his right side so i looped way around behind him and went to the left side, no sooner than i got there he decided to do a left handed one randomly, the line whipped around my neck as he swung back, wrapped around twice before it pulled tight and dug that nice big hook into my throat. I was mad as hell, took me like an hour of fighting with it to push it the rest of the way through to pull it out, and then to make it even funnier, he was mad at me for cutting his hook in half (it wasnt one of thoes tiny hooks, it was a prety hefty one.

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I have been fly fishing about 18 year's though I have not cast a fly in probably 2. The only fly rod I have left is a 9ft 6wt I made in about 95. I think Orvis had a kit, and I got one for christmas. That rod has never been bent by anything but a trout. I enjoyed it but I find have less and less time to fish these day's.
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It pays very well.
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Love it, but it's been a few years since I've been out... none of my close friends are really into it
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I LOVE fishing of all sorts. I actually enjoy it much more than paintball and go fishing much more often. I bought one of those relatively inexpensive fly rod starter kits over ten years ago and use it at least once or twice a year. My technique needs improving, but I have been very succesful taking sunfish (bluegills and rock bass moslty) in both lakes and rivers. Caught a few baby largemouth bass with it as well. Nothing spectacular, but it sure is fun.

One of my funniest silly stories I like to tell is of a fly fishing excusion up a small creek that ended in my budy and I crawling through a horrible swamp trying not to die. Think Swamp of Sadness from the Neverending Story...
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I decided that after 3 hooks in the neck that fly fishing wasn't for me. Freshwater or Saltwater Rod and Reel for me.
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My second favorite hobby is fishing. I've dabbled with a fly rod as a kid in high school back in the dark ages. Only ever learned to roll cast wet flies and streamers. Got a fly-tying kit years ago just never developed a patience for it.

The Pennsylvania streams I mostly fish are not the best areas for dry fly back casting. I've always wanted to learn just can't seem to find the time. One day soon though.

For now, still spin casting.

Oh and trout season just opened in PA!!
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