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What a weird hawk

I was sitting in my parents sun porch this afternoon when this hawk flew down and started to chill in their bird bath lol. what was even more interesting was the blue jays that I didnt see before, started flapping around and making a ruckus as to warn everything that the hawk was there. I found it absolutely amazing and watched it for almost an hour. This bird sat there for soo long that the jays lost interest and flew off. Sorry I just had to share. We couldn't figure out what the heck it was doing.
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maybe it's taking a bath.
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lol Iv'e seen a hawk waddle around in the front yard, pecking like a chicken... They're really cool birds, but sometimes just a bit strange....
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Cousin Jim just called me, said he was trying to take a bath and this dude kept watching him....

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LOL. Sometimes at my parents house the seagulls will be standing on the ice during the winter and one of the eagles will land at whatever they are fighting for. Its fun to watch the seagulls scatter.
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I saw a Redtail hover 15' off the ground then dive bomb it's prey the other day.
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Lol mocking birds and bluejays are still the funniest. Try walking around under a tree when there's a nest, they'll attack anyone

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i hate blue jays! annoying as hell...

damn crows are the ones that get after the hawks! i see that all the time.
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Ok choochie, the duck is not troubled, it's dated. The technology is old, it's like 8mm stop motion film reels, nothing will ever replace them, they are nostalgic one of a kind but for today's youth the expectations are CGI.
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Originally Posted by JLuke View Post
Lol mocking birds and bluejays are still the funniest. Try walking around under a tree when there's a nest, they'll attack anyone
Swallows are the Kamikaze's of head diving lol

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He might have just been perched up there as a vantage point to watch for rodents.
Grabbed these cell phone pics at work a while back.
I was able to get up fairly close to him. Redtail sitting on a porto-potty.

"Porto-hawk is watching #2"

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