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Jimmy Hoffa?
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Senghing, you are the happiest paintballer ever.
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We had to look for a bit, but we found it...

Used a quad to drag it out, as this thing is HEAVY.

Pressure washed it and it really isn't that bad... 5hp briggs and stratton engine that you can still get parts for! Gas tank has lots of rust inside... So I've got to do something about that, as I'm too cheap to drop $100 for a new one. All the parts are rusted, so I've got to break them loose and remove the rust and paint. I've got my work cut out...

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Slowly making progress
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Looks awesome!

Look for this stuff for the rusted/stuck bolts:

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I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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Originally Posted by desertT1 View Post
Looks awesome!
Look for this stuff for the rusted/stuck bolts:
And spray it right into the engine, to help unstick the rings before you try and start it. Into the carb as well. That stuff is like magic.

Should be fun. The tube frame does not look rusted. Is it aluminiun?

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Project looks awesome!

I can't stand the smell of that PB Blaster stuff.
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I'll have to pick some up. EVERYTHING is rusted... So getting the bolts off will be a chore. This thing was high end when it was new, it has a key start, lights, tail lights, the seat originally slid forward or back...

Hopefully I can get it running.
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And people wonder why I run with the loader near the ground on the tractor when brushhogging deep grass.
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Makes me think of being 14 and brakes fails on my buddies gokart
Yeah a cutout of me in a gokart in the broadside of an old barn
good times

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The frame looks very good, I haven't seen much more than surface rust. The bottom plate is pretty rusty, but it is a steel plate so that is to be expected. I plan on stripping it down to metal, putting on a rust inhibitor and then painting it all. Why they would have painted it a boring color like creme to begin with is beyond me...

It had a camo seat, which was fabric on top of the vinyl, and the fabric has rotted, but the vinyl underneath is in pretty good shape, very dirty right now, but I bet it would clean up really well. That is WAY down the road though, got to get the engine to fire to see if it is worth saving.

I drained the oil last night, and saw what I didn't want to see... water in the oil...

The oil looked horrible too... I drained it all, and then put some new in, and drained it again trying to get that oil/sludge out. This engine has two drain plugs, and two filler holes, pretty convenient. Since I had the carb/gas tank off already I used the side that was never used.

The water was getting in here. There is a plastic hose sealer that the carb connects to and it was cracked at the top allowing water into the valve seats.

Here is the clutch assembly, you can tell it doesn't work as it is off balance. I'll leave that for later.

Here is the carb, I am just starting on it, need a few parts already...

Here it is in my garage.
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5hp engine?
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