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Originally Posted by The Inflicted View Post
How about when the "scientists" are in an alien cave and react by hooting like dumb fratboys or howling like wolves?
Then there's the one guy who's deathly afraid a 30,000 year old corpse and runs away, then wants to pet a suggestive-looking alien cobra.
Or the captain who completely forgets about 2 guys lost in the complex before the sandstorm comes, and when he tells them they're going to be stuck in there and are probably going to die thinks it's pretty funny to be making other people mad via radio.
No one's that angered, surprised, or even interested that Waylan stowed away on his own ship.
No one's angered, surprised, or concerned that Shaw nearly beat two people to death to run away from the infirmary or when she then gives birth to the squid baby from Men In Black, then comes back.

No one at any time acts like a human being, let alone a competent member of a space expedition. As a result, not only is it impossible for the audience to develop empathy or root for any of these people, they spend time they should be reacting to the story and special effects trying to figure out whether they've missed anything in the plot that could explain the baffling behavior of the characters.

It's not your fault, audience, it's the crappy Lost-style writing.
I agree on just about every point you made here. Admittedly no f*cks were given about a single character in the movie. But I got my backstory on the xenomorph and frankly that was good enough for me.
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Ok- saw it last night. A few thoughts:

The Charleze Theron character makes a comment about being 'half a billion miles from Earth'. That's between Mars and Saturn.

If the squid thingy is impregnated in the lady, it would be contained in her uterus, not just flopping around in her abdomen for the tongs to lift out after cutting her tummy open.

The Engineer guy is very malicious towards humans. A bit of a stretch but could it be part of why the subsequent Aliens are so hostile?
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