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See a doctor sooner rather than later. Joint pain can be indicative of something more involved.
Or if it turns out you have some sort of rheumatoid arthritis, the sooner you get on a specific treatment plan, the better as many that are available now prevent the spread of it to other joints or further damages where it hurts now.
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Pretty sure it's a tweaked tendon, but I'm no doctor...just messed up my fair share of body parts due to various sports. Ever had tendinitis?
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Never F with your health when in doubt see a doc if still in doubt see a second doc. But quick question do u do stone masonry often I used to do stone masonry I gotta say its one of the harder jobs u could have in life and wears u down quick
I miss doing it though its very rewarding art wise
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joints are serious. i once slightly hyper extended my elbow during a spar when it got kicked from the outside, it didn't hurt that much the day it happened, it never hurt a lot, but it took 6 months to stop hurting.

so get it checked.
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Just to pile on...

1. Go see a doctor, to get a diaganosis

2. Go to a physiotherapist to get it resolved.

In my expirience Doctors (general family docotors) are great at defining the problem, but pretty clueless about fixing it. A good PT can show you stretching, strengthening or other techniques to solve the problem.
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Go see a doc and don't take "no" for an answer. You know your body better than anyone else. I was having excruciating back pain and days where i couldn't feel my legs and couldn't walk. Three different doctors did xrays and told me nothing was wrong and I needed to suck it up. 4th doctor did an MRI and found 4 herniated discs that were severing the nerves running to my lower body. Post op was horrible and had really bad side effects for about a year but now I'm pain free and back on my feet. get it checked out.
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Ever had a massage? I don't know what kind of money you make, but a full body deep tissue would more than likely do you A LOT of good. Helps stimulate blood flow, increaseds nutrient distribution, cuts muscle recovery time in half and helps with overall wellness. Not to mention it feels good. I don't know what your insurance is like or how much it costs for a doctor's visit, but a 1hr deep tissue costs anywhere from $70-$100.

Well worth it. Just tell the therapist your problems and what areas you would like focused on.
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