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Question The UK released their UFO database

Tons of newly released material to sift through for those with an interest in the topic.

UFO files | Newly released files from The National Archives

I grew up watching x-files and have a strong interest in military aircraft so I can't help myself from reading this stuff when I have the spare time. Some of them are written in a manner of which only a British officer can put on paper, quite humorous for outsiders to read.

Personally I think most of it is mostly BS from people craving attention and an excuse to probe their behind, but you have to wonder sometimes when it comes from credible pilots or aircraft controllers.

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Too much reading for me. I still dont believe
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Yes unfortunately many if not the majority of reports are hoaxes but the fact is there is life out there, somewhere. In my opinion to not believe that is just insanity.

Thanks for posting that though, I love the subject

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As a child, “Ellie” asks her father if life exists out in the Universe, to which he responds: “Well, if there wasn’t, it’d be an awful waste of space
The fact that they can watch the TV signals that we beam into space and see that there are people here that watch nascar and wrastl'n makes me doubt that they would care to visit their white trash of the universe neighbors.
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