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Originally Posted by crazyorigin View Post
Well the new Batman movies are either over or life won't end so happily for Bruce Wayne because there is no way the "Robin" guy is gonna take over as Batman, and Robin can't do much by himself, I am not gonna go pay to watch a movie solely about Robin.

very true

nightwing on the other hand though....
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Originally Posted by OPBN View Post
he had connections and he is Bruce Wayne.
That's what I'm thinking. Even if you're flat broke with no job, chances are you can still get a $1,000 loan at the bank you've owned for 30+ years.
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MY bet

Either Nolan and Bale are going to return for a new Trillogy of "Batman and Robin" movies or they are going to reboot from scratch.

I do not see if you really wanted this to be the end why there where all the loose ends introduced after the main story was over. Did DC make them do it or is the door just wide open for a new bunch of money makeing movies?

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I'm confused, I though this was the end of the story, but it seemed to be left with a major cliffhanger. Is there gonna be another movie?
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Okay, so when did you just "know" who Robin was? For me it was when he tossed his badge off the bridge.

And, yeah, what a crappy way to "end" this version of the series. Ending with unfinished storylines is so overrated.
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Nolan has said that he's done. I didn't really feel like it was a cliffhanger, though? Just because they pass the cowl doesn't mean we need to see a movie about who's wearing it.
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From what I have heard, Bale has said he's done as well. Looks like Nolan is currently working onthe Superman movie. If that turns into a multi movie deal, he'll be tied up with that for the next 6-7 years. Personally, I like it when they leave movies open like that, not everything has to be spelled out in black and white.
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It seems to me that the way they kept saying "Batman could be anyone" or making it about a symbol rather than a single individual that this Batman series could be continued with "Robin" taking Wayne's place as Batman.

That being said I was less than happy to see what they did with Wayne financially. He was ruined so walking away from nothing would have been less of a sacrifice.
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So, am I the only one that figured out that, with Gotham being a rough New York allegory, the consequences of detonating a massive nuke just off the coast aren't much less severe, since you've basically irradiated the entire east coast?
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can someone explain what was done with bruce's fingerprints to financially ruin him? and what was bane hacking at the stock exchange?
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