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Thumbs down Your thoughts on this?

Hotel Chain laughs at, makes disabled vet crawl down stairs - CNN iReport

This was originally posted by a friend of mine, SSG Eddie Jervis of the US Army:
Hey everyone, a brother of mine has an issue and I was hoping some of you could help. Chad Staples taught me everything I know about the Army today He's a former paratrooper and was shot (and paralyzed) in Iraq some years back while saving another man's life. Chad was a PT stud before his injury and stays just as acti
ve and upbeat as he was before he lost the use of his legs. The guy is absolutely
positive and completely unstoppable in everything he put
s his mind to but he's had a run in with a spoiled rotten civvie that gives two ****s about his sacrifices. If you could read his incident below and pass it on I'd really appreciate it. This dude is a no **** hero, the least we can do is copy and paste and I mean the VERY least we can do for him.

SSG Chad Staples (medically retired) original post:
I need some help guys!
I stayed at a best western in Monahans TX yesterday for a pit stop at a rate of 289 for six hours. It was a necessity at the time. For those who might get this message who don't
know me, I was injured in Iraq five years ago and am in a w
heelchair. The elevator was down when I woke up, so I called the front desk.

The conversation goes as such... Verbatim.
Chad ... Hi the elevator isnt working
Holly... It's been down for about an hour
Chad... Can you send someone up to help me down the stairs ( I said this as calmly as I could, I know **** happens)
Holly...Are you serious? (In a mocking voice)
Chad...(Explains that I am in a wheelchair)
Holly... Well, what do you want me to do about it? (she said flippantly)
Chad... Are you ****ing serious? I'm in a ****ing wheelchair.
Holly... Chuckles.
So I made a formal complaint after the manager played dumb. The file number is120806-3855.
The lady at the other end sated its a liability thing, and assured me the complaint would be passed on. But, we all know what goes on with these types of things.
So, I would like all of you to spread this message to others please. And everyone feel free to call customer support est western and tell them that you would like to boycott the chain until a resolution to this issue is found. The address is po box 42007 phoenix, AZ 85080.
So how did I get down the stairs? 3 flights. I threw all my bags down with my wheelchair and went down on my ***.
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Not calling shens, but seems odd that they would put their handicap rooms on the third floor. Most ones I have seen are typically on the first floor to make them more accessible.
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more gooder
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calls to make:
fire inspector - inadequate preparation for fire evactuation due to corporate policy
local bylaw officer - wheelchair accesability of a business ( this includes exit as well as access)
insurance company - they love not having to pay out money. Not being able to exit in the case of a fire is a great one to let them keep their money and raise insurance rates
news - they love juicy dumb *** stories like this.

there is all sorts of crap to raise, because this just isn't right. At a bare minimum they should have sent some people up to at least help with the baggage and wheelchair. Imagine the insurance repurcussions if that chair had injured someone on the way down?
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IF it's legit (and I'm not saying it is or isn't), then obviously that's pretty ****ty and someone needs to be losing their job, not to mention receiving a well-earned month or two of hate mail for it.

But, these "Repost" things have a tendency to be unreliable when it comes to providing the whole story or even a true story). I'm not sure how much fact-checking this CNN iReport thing does either, so just because it's got CNN attached doesn't make it legitimate in my mind, either. The title itself has an air of torch-and-pitchfork journalism as well, as clearly, the entire hotel chain did not screw this guy over, one stupid bitch behind the counter did.
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I do wonder if he requested a handicap accessible room. Like mentioned above, it's almost always on the first floor only
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How did he get up to the third floor if the elevator was broken?
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CNN iReport does zero fact checking. If it happened (and I thinks that's a big if), I can guarantee the Best Western corporate honchos will handle this swiftly and severely. More likely a made up story. If you look up the hotel, it is new and fully equipped to be ADA handicap accessible.
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Wow that sucks.

But I've had a company refuse to help load stuff into my vehicle because of "Liability"
Hurt my back a while ago and was supposed to be doing some light duty pick ups and drop offs for a commercial shoot. One pick up was a simple turn table.
Or so they thought.

I get there and it 24" disk base, all steel beast. The thing can hold the weight of a stage deck with a harley on it and spin it around. No way I was lifting that by myself. But apparently the rental house had a prior incident where they helped load some gear into someone's vehicle, something happened and they got sued.

So now they literally bring the gear up to your vehicle but will not load it. You could go after them for a dent on your vehicle, someone get's hurt or even if you fail to strap it down correctly.

Also, I've worked on a best western commercial before...Most of the time(3 day straight job) there isn't more than one person working at the desk. Sometimes there's a manager and maybe a janitor. The cleaning staff and very specific hours and don't stick around at all.

So I can see why a receptionist would refuse to help carry a guy down the stairs. I can't imagine the amount of liability for moving a disabled person down stairs by part time employees.

I agree at the least they should of moved his luggage and stuff for him. What happened to me was ****ty, but I wasn't even stranded like that guy was. They should of handled the situation differently, but I don't know if anything could of been done at the time by the staff. That might be an emergency personal thing no?
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Absolutely correct re: liability.

The proper advice would have been "Sorry, honored warrior, but our reception/maintenance staff is unqualified to assist a wheelchair bound patron down flights of stairs. We are working on the problem and expect to have the elevator fixed as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, if our staff can bring you anything to make your stay more comfortable in the interim, please do not hesitate to ask."

Can you imagine the fallout if some mook maintenance dude accidentally hurt this guy while trying to help him down three flights of stairs in a wheel chair?

Why couldn't your pal wait until the elevator was fixed?

Unless there is some emergency (fire, etc), no hotel in the world is gonna want to risk hurting an already hurt person by doing something they dont know how to do properly.


Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
I still don't get that.
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CNN seems to be good at putting out stories to get people's tempers up and splitting people's opinions 50/50. Half will say the hotel was not responsible, and the other half will say the guy should have been helped out.

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