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First maple syrup stolen now a shortage on bacon... Owe what will we eat?
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here a way to help the issue. there was story going around where there are feral pigs all over Texas and other southern states. so why not solve the issue by make easyer for people to capture and have sent to slaughter house farm.

War is being waged right now across the country -- against huge, ever-growing packs of feral pigs that are running rampant, destroying crops, killing wildlife and spreading disease everywhere they go, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports.

They’ve been spotted all the way from Texas to California to Michigan and in New York.

“It's estimated there are at least 4 million of them nationwide, but its impossible to count them all so there may be much more” said Carol Bannerman, a spokesman for the USDA Wildlife Services.

Officials say they cause more than $8 million worth of damage every year. “That amount doesn’t include impact to the natural environment and native species, or to water” Bannerman said. One disease humans can get, she said, by coming in contact with the beasts bodily fluids is called "swine brucellosis," and is extremely painful.

Read more: No Oink About It, Feral Pig Problem Spreading | Fox News
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Blame methanol production.

Feral pigs tend to be lean from moving around continuously and a bit rangy flavored when they get big. Any of them smoked over mesquite for 10 hours is still very good. A piglet smoked for a few hours is a feast. They are all sneaky and fairly nocturnal when they have cover.

There is probably enough mesquite in south Texas to roast all of the feral pigs in the US, but there are not enough chainsaw blades made to cut it.

Either way, feral pigs are a sad substitute for farm grown bacon. Better for pulled pork sandwiches.
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nothing wrong with pulled pork sandwiches...
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Uh oh, better stock up!

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Lol I misread that can and saw that ccm made it.
Next product for you guys, lol.
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Originally Posted by tarakian View Post
Parts of the US are overrun with wild pigs, that's just bacon on the hoof.
This. If there is a bacon shortage at the stores i will tap the natural resources of wild bacon.
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Get used to it-between rising food demand, worldwide droughts and so forth, pigs-and other meat animals-will become more and more expensive to raise.

Cheap meat (That you don't have to kill yourself, that is) is going to get scarcer and scarcer in the next few years. Hope everybody loves moose, venison and wild pork! (I know I do)

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Originally Posted by usagi_tetsu View Post
Nothing says "violent and insane" like sharpening a shotgun.
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First Syrup. Now Bacon. WHY DOES GOD HATE BREAKFAST?!?!?!?!
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Looks like it is time to step up the security around the hog barns. Do not want these pigs to go the way of the strategic maple syrup reserve.

...this little piggy went to the market, the black market.
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
No one is judge/jury/executioner here.
Originally Posted by Harbinger[TG] View Post
I must have missed that memo

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