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Zoo 09-25-2012 03:07 PM

Verizon misled my mom
So I visited my mom this past weekend, and she was so proud to show me an Android tablet she had bought online. I checked it over and told her she got a great deal on it; was a bare-bones, WiFi only model. It was perfect for all that she needed it to do. She then said "But you have to use this to make it work" and proceeded to grab a 4G MiFi device that she had bought at the local (corporate-owned) Verizon store. (I will give the salesperson the benefit of the doubt and assume that they said this in regards to the tablet not having data access aside from a WiFi connection.)

But here's the thing: my mom has been using Android smartphones for almost two years, and at that time was using a Droid3 on her Verizon account. The phone has the Hotspot feature built into it! The salesperson did not even bother to tell her that the phone would do exactly what she needed. Instead, the salesperson saw an easy target and sold her the MiFi device, which "conveniently" comes with it's own data line (and locks her into a fresh two year contract). I checked the date of purchase and it was past the 14 day return window.

That day we visited the same Verizon store and talked to a (different) salesperson about the problem: no dice. My mom would have to pay the early termination fee. I just talked to Verizon Customer Service on the phone and that rep also said "Nothing we can do. She signed the contract."
This is not finished. If Verizon will not make this right, they will lose the accounts for all my family. Yes, with Verizon's millions of accounts, those 10 or so lines are not much in the grand sense, but I am going to fight to get this resolved.

desertT1 09-25-2012 03:11 PM

What's the monthly fee on the device?
What's the termination fee?

Zoo 09-25-2012 03:13 PM


Originally Posted by desertT1 (Post 2485324)
What's the monthly fee on the device?
What's the termination fee?

$20 per month for the service, $160 early termination fee.
I told her to cancel the service immediately, and I started the process with Verizon to try and get the termination fee back.

ta2maki 09-25-2012 03:14 PM

I think it would be more effective to post this on a verizon forum.

Verizon | Forums and Blogs - Verizon Community - Verizon | Forums and Blogs - Verizon Community

Falcon16 09-25-2012 03:16 PM

To play devil's advocate if your mom has been using an android phone for 2 years and had no idea the mobile hotspot feature existed that's not the Verizon rep's problem to tell her, she should know her phone's features. If she doesn't that's not the rep's problem. The rep's job is to sell stuff. With that said personally yea it's shady on a personal level outside of him being a sales guy. Personally the way I would have pitched it to your mom having done this type of sales is ok great you've got yourself a new tablet and if you wish to use it ousidde wifi connections you can tether your phone however depending on what you're doing the tablet may eat your current data plan for lunch so what I would suggest is to upgrade the data portion of your plan and then I would show some different options depending on what she most uses her data on and what might best suit her. Tht way I'm doing my job AND I'm also helping her since if she upgrades the data portion it can help to avoid overage charges which depending on provider can be ridiculous.

Like I said personally yea the dude was a slimeball if you didn't pitch it the way I said. With that said in the context of sales I can't fault him for upselling another product that's part of the job though with that said you have to be able to sleep with yourself at night knowing that what you sold was the right solution for each customer. That's what I personally pride myself on when doing sales type work. Not what is going to get me comission but what is going to help me meet my target AND leave the customer feeling great about their interaction with me.

Zoo 09-25-2012 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by ta2maki (Post 2485327)
I think it would be more effective to post this on a verizon forum.

Verizon | Forums and Blogs - Verizon Community - Verizon | Forums and Blogs - Verizon Community

Working on that too.

towerofcards.19 09-25-2012 03:19 PM

Unfortunately, a lot of salespeople aren't very nice salespeople. An acquaintance of a friend, who was a software salesman said his job is not to sell to every potential buyer, but rather to disqualify certain buyers. I think that's a neat mindset.

Anyway, it's pretty hard to get out of an ETF once you signed the contract. You might be able to convince them if you say you're moving to an area outside of Verizon coverage, play the customer loyalty card or appeal to pathos, etc.

maggot 09-25-2012 03:21 PM

You may have already done this. Call customer service and tell them you want to cancel all services (don't even bother to explain the issue). They will forward you to an employee whose job it is to keep you from cancelling at all costs. Explain the situation. He will either make an offer (may waive the cancellation fee for the MiFi), or tell you "sorry you are SOL, would you like me to cancel all lines now?". If you get an offer, great. If you don't and you are not ready to cancel services, tell him you don't want to cancel at this time.

Brother Jerry 09-25-2012 03:22 PM

If she has an android phone...why buy an android tablet? When she has her phone she would not need the tablet...but when she has the tablet...she may not have the phone...there ya go...mifi needed.

I typically do not have problems working with Verizon support. But then I have been a customer for like 10 years and at times having a long standing relationship can help. Not always but sometimes.

Mayvik 09-25-2012 03:25 PM

To be a slight dick...who was not doing their job in this scenario: your mom buying something she didn't need (and signing a contract she didn't understand), or the person who gets paid to sell things?

It is not required for a salesperson to know, let alone explain, all of the possible functions and relationships of a piece of technology.

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