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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
Okay - this is sad - I didn't even know we had a literature section.

Sheesh - some mod....

thanks bro.

S'okay, we still love you. In that totally hetero, non-gay, drinking buddy kinda way... except for Mar.
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I do second enjoying the Newsflesh trilogy.
Zombie 'apocalypse' in that zombies come, depopulate, are an inevitable outcome, but cities are still there and the government still works and tries to keep it all under control.

Interesting look into a more 'realistic' zombie uprising.

Edit: I'm also a fan of Larry Correia, especially because he's a member of another forum I'm on and people can actually reach and talk to him. The Monster Hunter International series is an account of "what if all those monster attack rumors were actually true?" and there was a group that took care of controlling them and taking the bounty on them.

Better after the first, when his editors started letting contractions through.
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I'm a fan of the E.E. Knight Vampire Earth series currently on the 6th book in the series.

"In the Vampire Earth series, aliens from a world known as Kur have taken over the world, destroying human society and enslaving the survivors. The novels follow the life of David Valentine, a young man who enlists with Southern Command, one of the few remnants of the old U.S. government scattered around, as he follows his heart even when it conflicts with orders."

Quick summary from the wiki page.
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Originally Posted by Stilgar View Post

Loved this book.

I was one of the few adults in the theater that wasn't there with a kid...

An all time classic! I still read this to my kids averaging about once a month. Funny how they could get a 2 hour movie out of 16 or so pages!
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Originally Posted by Blue60 View Post
I still read the Deathlands & Outlanders novels by James Axler (I started reading them in high school). I though WWZ was ok.. the road is on my list of books to read still.
lol snap.

does James Ringo count? "through the looking glass" series.
also Harry Turtledoves world at war series is good (last 3 books where a bit dry)
Sm Stirling the "island through time" snd its spn offs where pretty good.

cheers guys I needed some ideas for a new read or two.

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Andromeda strain.. loved it.. quite plausible.
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I think I'm going to try and get some of these books to read for my high school book reviews.
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The Road, I Am Legend, and WWZ are all excellent choices. Going to have to check out Roadside Picnic.

Don't hate, but does The Stand count? I haven't read it in 25 years, but liked it way back when...

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Fan of EMR
I Am Legend
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Originally Posted by NoForts4Me View Post
The Road, I Am Legend, and WWZ are all excellent choices. Going to have to check out Roadside Picnic.

Don't hate, but does The Stand count? I haven't read it in 25 years, but liked it way back when...
the stand definitely counts, great book, damn long movie, lol.
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