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Happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day for the Great White North

Skimmed the forums, didn't see anything yet, but I was part of three households (one of which was mostly small children) who just devoured one and a half large turkeys, so it is entirely possible I've missed an existing thread for this year.

Yes, that time of year again, pumpkin pie, turkey, stuffing, hams, cheese cakes, and many many other fine traditional dishes and not so traditional dishes. (Last few years I've been invited to my cousin's in-law's place. They are from Nicaragua, and they have some very wonderful ideas on which to apply to cooking a turkey.)

So fill your boots, enjoy time with friends and family, and share stories to make those south of the border drool a little.

The not-so-traditional traditional thanksgiving meal for me the last few years has been centred around a turkey as one might expect, except the man cooking it grew up in Central America and was needless to say rather unimpressed with our usual take on how to roast a turkey. Bread stuffing? Nope, full on veg and potato mix to stuff the bird with. (I grew up with an extended family of 30+ showing up for big family dinners, so I always had pan dressing instead of stuffing anyway. Birds don't come big enough to fit the needed stuffing for my Dad's family.) Dry roasting in a pan so the breast comes out reminding you of a desert? Not a chance. Bird is drowned in a sauce. No clue what actually goes into the sauce, guy won't tell me exactly how he does it, but clearly it has a tomato base to it.

Carving the turkey? HA! When he is done with it, you stir the roasting pan a bit and pluck out most of the bones. Chewing is almost optional, as you can just kind of pick the meat apart by squeezing it against the top of your mouth with your tongue as all the flavours roll out and drag you off to heaven.

Seriously damn good food.

Threw together a large New York cheese cake, because options are good. (I haven't made it over to spend thanksgivings with my dad's family in the last few years as they're mostly back in New Brunswick. Options and choices are basically a requirement for family dinners there. Don't like one of the three or four pumpkin pies people brought? Try aunt Rose's apple, or Dawn's Cherry, blueberry, or strawberry rhubarb. Not a fan Dawn's strawberry rhubarb? Aunt barb makes a good one as well with a different twist, and brought two...)

Sadly, the cheese cake was not as good as I normally want it to be. First time trying one in my aunts oven, and I was off on my temperatures and time scales. Didn't get the full texture I desired, or full colouring on the top. But I think I'm the only one who was actually disappointed in it.
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