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Sorry, that's classified.
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So who got a flu shot this year?

Oh man mcb... I just got mine for the first time in over ten years...

I got mine at a workplace health fair. Needless to say I've been proud for not having a flu shot for so many years and also not getting the flu.

So now it's been almost a week since I got it and my head has been spinning since yesterday. Every morning I've been nauseous and it feels like a chest-burster is trying to leap out of my throat. And my arm feels like someone whacked me with an encyclopedia-brittanica.

I'm not upset with the clinic that that provided the shot, the symptoms are just strangely strong...even for me. For those that have gotten your shot, how are you holding up? Or are you a super-human like Mar and never get sick?
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I get one every year, I've got asthma so if I get a heavy cold / cough / flu it pretty much stops me breathing.
Only side effect so far is took about 4 paintballs in the same spot as the jab the day after getting it and my arm felt sort of heavy (if that makes any sense at all).
Anyhow you can't get flu from the flu jab, it's a dead virus they're putting in you, guessing yours got mixed up with a batch of the t virus, got a hankering for brains yet?
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Probably just a reaction to the government microchips. It'll clear up when the assimilation is complete.
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Sorry, that's classified.
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@cannon seeing a its only the first stage of infection I was able to hold that bloodlust off with a burrito yesterday.

@melvin I've been able to remember my daily activities this far. I may have dodged the memory erasing segment of the process...
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what most people do not know is this. every year the come out with flu shot. its for one type of strain. so there chance you go shot for another strain than one you caught. the flue shot are not same one every year. each year they come out with new one. its all always chance you will get flu. since shot you got was not for flue strain you got this time.

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Not me. I got a flu or just plain wicked bronchitis during the summer already.
I couldn't afford to call out of work.
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I have not caught the flu since I started getting annual immunization for the past 6 years. Before that the flu was an annual occurrence.

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I hate flu shots.
The doctor makes me get them yearly now. I still get sick during the winter. Occasionally I get that crud of death after getting the shot. This year I lucked out and am ok.

Shots offered by the wellness program at work were really expensive out of pocket (yeah you fill out the form right there, but it's still something like $35 you have to wait a few weeks on), I went to Fred Meyer's pharmacy. They were listed as $25 there, but the prescription thing covered about half. Now I just have to submit the $12ish to Premera and wait a few weeks for it to come back.
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I never get the flu shot, I would rather deal with the bug when/if I get it during the winter than be tortured while the weather is still semi decent. When I got it in the past it would wreck me. For a weakened/near death virus, the bugger is pretty damn potent!
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i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.

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No way. I will never have a needle put in my body for the flu lol. I haven't had the flu in 7+ years either and reeeaaally don't want to break that streak trying to prevent it.
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