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ahhh so many summers cutting and splitting wood in my youth. Wish I could have put a stove in when I bought my place, but son had asthma, and it would have been tough on him. No matter what, they can be "dirty".
But now that hes older and almost outta the house, I am going to look into one again.

If your looking for wood, and are in a more urban are, ask the local township people, they clear out downed trees and its usually cut, and FREE!
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Wood heat can be nice, but really depends on the area, and what kind of furnace you have to use. Personally I'm more of a fan of waste pellet burners than directly burning hardwood. Kind of sad to see so much good hardwood going up in smoke, and then going to a store to see all the products made of ultra cheap press board. Kind of backwards there: Making stuff out of scrap and burning good stock...

That said, I will most likely have several fire places in my home when I build it. For sure going with a wood fired pizza oven/roasting pit.

As for splitting? One of my favourites to work in was an old water wheel driven splitting mill a friend's grandfather had. Had a really cool band saw and chain feed system for the logs. Just tossed them on at the far end of the machine, make sure they're reasonably straight, and it lined them up for cutting a set length off the end. From there the short piece dropped down a hopper and onto a table, and the long length of the log dropped down to be dragged back, lifted, and reset to pass through again.

The splitter, was a massive hammer and axe system driven by the water wheel as well. Took a bit of practice to get the shorts lined up, and two guys fed the axe with poles. Sadly the mill burned down over a decade ago, and there was no way it was getting rebuilt.
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I rarely ever run my heater in the winter; my wood stove puts out tons of heat. I peruse Craigslist for free firewood and there's usually listings for 'Come get this pile of wood'.

Not sure what brand my maul is but it works great and its foam-filled plastic handle doesn't jar my arms.
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My dad has 80 acres of jackpine. well actually 40 acres of jackpine and redpine and 40 acres of tamarack. I grew up cutting wood since I was around 6-7 for our sauna and fireplace. I have yet to find a modern axe that I like. They just don't seem to have the same quality and cutting ability of the old ones. And we have several types of axes. Michigan head axes, splitting mauls, swedish broad axe (ok, it is more for hewing logs vs cutting them), swedish brush axes, etc. The steel used now a days, just don't seem to last as well.
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