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ALso, have found if you prefer diet drinks, try that Dr pepper ten, its not as Diety tasting as the diet one, but not as sweet as the norm, too bad other brands cant figure out, dont go for ZERO calories, why not just shoot for lower calories, but meh.

Also on the pepsi deal, i've found drinking pepsi and rum tastes better than coke and rum, strange.

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RC or Cherry RC if you can find it.
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Mountain Dew for the win. I like a good Dr. Pepper, but I gotta take a Dew over a Pepper when given the option.
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Normal Coke as long as it is not American made, US coke tastes really odd.
Will happily groove on DrPepper or Cherry coke though.

Anything diet/zero/max needs the recipe detonated.
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Just nothing diet or zero, no Pepsi or RC
anything else with sugar and caffeine will do, it just depends what mood I'm in

I don't really drink Monster anymore though, except for their Coffe
but for a boost I'll usual reach for
Mt. Dew(throwback), AMP, Vault and a Red Bull once in a while

@ work I mix Rootbeer/Dr. pepper
in a 3 to 1 ration, awesome but it could be better with some Jack

and it might seem weired but I also mix those two with Baileys, sometimes with a bit of ice cream...mmmmm....

I miss Vanilla Dr. Pepper though....
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White Out and code red are my favorite Mountain Dew flavors. i rather drink white out since better the regular flavor since more citrus flavor. and for some reason code red and white taste better to me. i do not mind regular favor.
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dr pepper with lemon has been introduced to me and ive taken quite a liking to it.
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Dew, old formula with sugar, glass bottle.

I do like the Dr. as well (same, sugar/glass) for nostalgia reasons, but in limited quantities. I can drink Dew all day long forever.
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Mountain Dew. Although I have been doing 75% Vault with 25% blue powerade. It turns green and tastes better.
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