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UnSon of WALZ
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Building a trebuchet

Have any of you folks built a trebuchet?

I am building one for a competition and I'd like to see what other folks have learned from positive and negative experiences to make their machine run optimally. Whether it be dimensions, materials, structure, or other factors that input into the physics of the trebuchet.

I already have some kind of plans drawn up, but I don't have hands on experience of using one to actually know what has to be what, what the weight should be, how to make the hinge strong, yadda yadda.

I'll be launching 5-10 pound pumpkins and don't have the materials to make a giant war machine. I've looked online, but it's mainly just videos of a bunch of rednecks chucking pumpkins (I guess that's going to be me, right

I'm looking for something around this size, maybe a tad smaller." width="644" height="390">" />">

Any help is appreciated!

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MCBs armed pacifist
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Lets talk about this. I think a paintball trebuchet could be done. Load it up with a pod or two of paint (not the pod) and release it. IT woud not have to be very big and could be aimed towards the center of the field.
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built a couple 4ft trebs and one 12ft which was a very good design. I can try contacting the person with the plans for the 12ft one. It was strange and worked well.
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Post Whore
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funny you ask .. I'm building 2 tonight for cubscouts ... mini jac punkin chunkin
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Post Whore
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i found a site that covered the physics someplace .. The bookmark is on the other pc ..
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these guys seemed to have good results.

"The Insensible" - a counterweight trebuchet

has instructions

manageable size and made with very basic tools
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Post Whore
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Building the Trebuchet part 1: the Base

See the links on the left side of the page
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Killer Kanas
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Oh I built one last year, it was small and launched cherry bombs, it twas awesome!
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brassmage and necrotech
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i built one years ago, took a while to get the 'timing' just right, it's a balance between arm length, weight, rope length, and release hook angle. easier to time a cocker. here's an old vid of it with 'late timing', releases late, shooting the 5 pound weight into the ground:

trebuchet Video by ian - Myspace Video

edit: and some heavy math:
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looking for: aga62's, working spyder rocker trigger frames, working ATS lowers and parts, brass sheridan donors/bits, camo SP wood grips for cf frames, havoc launcher, high output 4.5k regs

happy with me?
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Brass Monkey Customs
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Some links:

The Algorithmic Beauty of the Trebuchet

Trebuchets, both big and small

There are loads more... My experience has been to get the ratio on the arm correct for the best firing characteristics. I use 11 foot thorwing arm to 1 foot counterweight arm, with a sling of 4 feet. YMWV


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