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JLuke 11-01-2012 12:51 PM

What's a good "modable" vehicle.
I'm currently in a search for a vehicle to do a bit of toying around with, bit of a mix of engine work and body work to kinda kill some time this winter.

My first idea was the whole find a honda civic to mess around with, but finding one of those around here for less than 3k dollars would be a miracle, everyone seems to think that hotrodding them out is adding a cold air intake and putting a set of rims and selling a 95 civic for 5k dollars, i'm not paying that.

So i'm giving up and looking into anything, truck, car or otherwise, what's some good options to look for that have room for improvement looks and preformance wise (large aftermarket selection).
A 4 cylinder standard shift would be the fun option, since i'm trying to get away from the 13mpg that my truck gets.

mobomelter 11-01-2012 12:59 PM

How much are you looking to spend?

sparky 11-01-2012 01:13 PM

I first was going to say a Civic, but what about doing a Jeep? The sky is the limit with those things as well.....

Next choice would be a Toyota Echo. I've never seen somebody mod one of those up yet

Lohman446 11-01-2012 01:16 PM

Mustang 5.0

Are there more accessories offered for any other vehicle?

Its kind of a 4 cylinder (twice)

StJimmy666 11-01-2012 01:26 PM

Wrangler ftw

You also have the Dodge Neon, Sunfire, Cavalier, etc. but none are good base cars to begin with so idk if spending the money modding them is worth it.

There's the Chevy S10, I see a lot done with those as well as basically ANY pickup.

Beyond that nothing cheap comes to mind. JDM holds value well cause people are willing to pay those seemingly outrageous prices.

JLuke 11-01-2012 01:31 PM

Trying to spend 3k or less, preferably less. Mostly looking for something older than a 00 model to keep the price down. I was looking hard into the mustang idea but the only problem is the older v6's go for fairly cheap, under 3k, but the v8's go for close to 5k dollars for the older ones.

Part of the reason for getting a car to mess around with was to find a smaller 4cylinder to play around with and save a bit of gas, so getting a v8 mustang would kinda defeat that purpose, though would still be fun to drive.

Also that less than 3k is for a "project" car, something that needs a slight bit of work from the get go. Anything that is running and ready to drive away i'd do a bit more for aka mustang.

OldGadget 11-01-2012 01:33 PM

i've heard dodge neons are easy mods

Millar156 11-01-2012 01:37 PM

You could do a lot with an old VW bug.

Maybe a 90's Eclipse?

JLuke 11-01-2012 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by Millar156 (Post 2521741)
You could do a lot with an old VW bug.

Maybe a 90's Eclipse?

Bugs scare me, and are also currently an arm and a leg around here.

An eclipse was one idea, just not famillar with mitubishi cars.

StJimmy666 11-01-2012 01:49 PM

If you can snag an Eclipse they can be tuned and modded up to be ungodly fast for relatively little...Mitsus are known for that.

My (2010) Mitsu put out 152bhp stock, I have it at about 177whp without dropping in a turbo (don't think the car could handle it without extensive upgrades).

My buddy's 04? Eclipse puts out over 581whp on the dyno.

Mind you if you don't need a running car then you can look at the full gambit of tuner cars...Supras, RX7s, Evos, Silvias, Skylines etc. can all be had with engine problems for relatively little if you look hard enough. I almost got a Supra in Michigan for under 5k.

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