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Originally Posted by Keys_JR View Post
I've been to Mar's house...
It put's the lotion on it's skin.....
No one has the right not to be offended.

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was in the paper as a kid for sports a few times. been on a tv commercial. nothing too neat myself.
i got drunk with hunter s thompson at a bar. i was working security for a john prine show and hunter was a big fan. i met him and got an autograph and the sound crew for john prine were dicks about it and they wouldnt leave hunter alone. i went on my way and sat down and started drinking a little later hunter thompson came and sat next to me and we got sloshed.
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.... forgot about this one. I'm in the Milwaukee Public Museum. When I was 12-13 I had my face molded to be put on a statue for their pow wow display in their Native American exhibit.
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Originally Posted by melkson View Post
After I found out I had a screw loose, he gave me a good short screw. Filled my hole completely.
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Originally Posted by TheYoda View Post
Nothing along the lines of being famous, but memorable (for me) ...

-When I was 6 (or 7) I made the Boston Globe. Pic of me shaking hands with Santa Claus.

-My Dad had ins in the music world when I was a kid (all jazz) and he would bring me to tons of local concerts where I got to meet and hang out with musicians. Don't remember all of them, but I met Count Basie and Duke Ellington, which is way before your time for most of you.

-When I was in college (1982?) I was the "Slave to Fashion" model for an Eastpak backpack print campaign.

-Hung out backstage with The Cult when they played Boston in the early 90's.

-I designed basketball sneakers for elite NBA players in the 90's - Larry Bird (BOS), Magic Johnson (LAL), Kevin Johnson (PHX), Larry Johnson/Grandmama (CHA), etc.

The Kevin Johnson "Run and Slam" and the Larry Johnson "Aero Jam" were some of my favorite shoes growing up as a kid! Quick question, what exactly was "react juice?"
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Oh, almost forgot this- Way back in '81 or '82, I was with my dad at Orange County Raceway (RIP) and Shirley Muldowney was racing. There was a camera mounted on her car filming the crowd as she went past, for the movie about her, Heart Like a Wheel. So my little head is in the movie at some point, a little brown-headed streak going by.
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Originally Posted by Mstrtal View Post
Best time to take a dump is when on the phone with tech/ customer service.Also when they say something like "This call may be recorded. . . " I always tell them I hope so and proceed to enjoy my bowel movement.

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Originally Posted by PATCHEZ View Post
I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.
You're the man in black? Mind blown.
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Having and bringing more Paintball equipment to events than any other person that has currently come out here.

At WarPaints Super Games, Red Army Jello Shooters (had to tone the alcohol content down cause original recipe would knock people off their feet after the first one, they still do, just not as bad lol).

Last SG 260 2oz Jello Shooters were brought, come SG45, I am planning about 500.

Non Paintball, Supposedly was on TV when I was about 14, spent summer camped at Waldo Lake (mother camp host) and took some reporters out in my canoe so they could film on the lake a bit + an interview of myself.
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I can vouch for the jello shooters mmmmm
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