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very cool! good luck
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We found a point of entry system to deal with the lead and hard water. The company that is going to install it will test the water through a state certified lab to ensure it is potable.

Many thanks to Schmitti for helping me out as I learned about the joys of private well ownership.
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No problem! Glad it got straightened out. I still need to address the problems with my well.

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I bought mine while on disability been living in it for 3 years rent free.Bank lost everything on it.They called the owner and said we are starting the process she short saled it to us for less than market value.I put down a hefty sum and now have a house payment of 600 a month with insurance.I will get it paid off in 15 years.So happy lost our first house.Stress was killing me I hate moving.Glad its all good bro !
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Just got word that we got a clean water test result from the state certified lab. Looking to close on Thursday.

Gonna be a busy weekend. At least I'll find my paintball stuff again.

1st Test:
Lead levels were .25 mg/l (anything over .015 mg/l = fail)

Total Coliform 34 per 100ml (anything other than 0 = Fail)

2nd test (with water softener)

Lead levels .003 mg/l

Total Coliform 0
Pushing up the ante, I know you've got to see me,
Read 'em and weep, the dead man's hand again . . .

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I was a part time Realtor. I hung it up since the economy tanked.

Here is some of what I learned:
1. Avoid Septic and or Wells. If the septic is over 15 years old it likely needs to be replaced. Figure 30K. Most septic systems are designed with a life expectancy of around 25 years. Wells, well, they run dry, they are dependent on electric. No electric, no water. Lots of moving parts. Think of them like an electro - runs great as along as theres power.
2. Avoid Heat Pumps if you are in the NE region. They suck, literally.
3. Electric - 200 amp - anything below that won't get a mortgage.
4. FHA - if you are going FHA - think of it like this - turn key move in ready - everything MUST work, no leaks, no peeling paint.
5. Pick a Realtor that specializes in the area you are looking in. You want a real neighborhood specialist. They know the local requirements - e.g. permit to move etc.
6. Pick a good school district. Most of you probably don't have kids right now, but things happen. You want a good school district for your kids. Homes in better districts are always in demand.
7. Dual Agency - what is it? The Buyer's Agent and the Seller's Agent are the same person. Legal in several states - some folks have an issue with it. The question comes up that if you are buyer and the Agent is representing both you as the buyer and the seller then how can he be fair and impartial.
8. Commission - The seller is paying the commission. If its a 6% listing with a 3/3 split then the Selling Broker gets the whole 3% and the Buyers Broker gets the other 3%. The commission is a big deal. Realtors work a ton and don't get paid unless they get a closing. If your selling, before you ask the Agent to take a reduced commission you have to ask yourself, would you take a pay cut on your paycheck? Keep in mind its not your agent getting the Commission - its the his/her Broker - your agent gets a cut of that Commission.
9. Put as much down as you can. PMI (not Pursuit Marketing Inc) really hurts!
10. Be patient, be prepared for stress and have a plan B. Deals fall apart all the time. I saw one deal almost fall apart over a door knocker. Yes a door knocker. It was a so called one of a kind till I 10 of them on ebay for $150 - case solved.
11. Your credit is everything. Don't muck it up. It will haunt you.
12. Last and most important - the 3 things of Real Estate - Location, Location, Location - its all about location - literally.
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