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How did King Arthur get his sword?

Warning: Replies to this thread may or may not be used in an academic paper a friend may be working on in the new year.

Bringing this topic over from another forum community, just to see what a different kind of demographic would have to say on the topic of storyline and canon material in works of fiction.

A very simple question: How did King Arthur Really get his sword, was it magical, and why do you feel this yours is the correct answer?
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the first one he got out of a stone and Excalibur the lady of the lake threw at him
(or as the annoying peasant said some wet bint lobed at him) iirc last time i checked Excalibur wasn't magical,
at least some of that was probably wrong so probably not the "correct answer" but its the one id use to explain it to a mate
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Most of the books I read as a kid had it as Chadders put it- the first sword was from the stone and excalibur was given to him by the Lady of the Lake. I want to say it had some subtle magical quality to it, but it's been a long time since I've been big into Arthurian legend so I don't really remember specifics. I think I vaguely remember something about it not losing its edge, and I believe some stories had the scabbard having the magical quality of keeping his wounds from bleeding as long as he wore it...
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it all depends on which story line. since it been said to come from stone or give to him by the lady of lake. so there so version on how he get the sword. your going to get he said she said on this. which version is right. even if took sword from stone all story lines lead to him taking are not same too. some say found it on by chance. other say picked to chosen one. most time he came to sword as chosen one where every one was trying to take and had crowd around it. other time went on quest to look for sword but found in stone or gotten from lady of lake.
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The sword in the stone was the Sword of the King.

Excaliber was obtained later. It was given to Arthur by the lady of the lake. The enchantment was that the edge would never dull.... But as long as the scabbard was carried, the owner would never bleed a drop of blood.

The scabbard was lost during one of Arthur's adventures. Or it was lent out.
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^^^^^^ that's it above.
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The scabbard was stolen while Arthur slept by Morgan le Fay
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According to Malory's version, the sword in the stone was not Excalibur. Arthur was given Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake.

There are other versions of the mythos that might contradict this.
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