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What do you want to do with it? Range? Carry? HD?
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You're looking at concealable which means self defence so .45 is the calibre of choice. .45 has higher energy at subsonic velocities and less penetration so less chance of shooting someone you didn't mean to...
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I do like watching Hickok45's reviews/thoughts on firearms. He has shot and reviewed the Rugar SR9c and here is the video on that:

He has reviewed the XD Subcompact .40 S&W, which is similar but not the exact XD model you mentioned.

I do believe his thoughts are pretty honest. Also, he really is a Glock guy and he doesn't try to hide it. So when you are talking modern sidearms, he is going to be comparing it to a Glock.
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hey bear: U need a taurus judge man. 45 cal long colt and 410 shot shell... and seriously scare the bejesus out of anyone downrange. hard to miss with 9+ shots per pull.

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Why does everyone bring up the Taurus Judge? It's a .45 revolver that has long enough cylinder chambers to handle .410 as well, but you only get, what, 5 shots? My XDM in .45 holds 14 rounds. Yeah, I don't get to use shot, but even if I miss, the freight train sound of a .45 JHP passing by someone's head will change their religion.

Now if Taurus had actually started making this one, I would be impressed - the Raging Judge 28-gauge (.55 caliber) revolver.
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Ew, Judge...

Every time I see "XD," I see it as that goofy squinty emoticon. That usually makes online gun conversations... interesting.

I myself am a fan of my FN-Herstal FNP-9 pistol. I'm also a fan of the 9mm round. It's effective in defensive situations, and it's MUCH cheaper than, say, .45 or similar, so it's also range-friendly.
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Whats every ones thoughts on a Sig Sauer P250? I got a friend trying to sell me both the full size body and the sub compact body with a case for $500 I think its a good deal. It looks like a good gun from the reviews I am reading.
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You mentioned possibly carrying, you will not be disappointed with the SR9C.
It is small with the 10 round compact mags, and as comfortable as the XD with the 17 rd. full size mags. Being able to switch back and forth is great!

Review of the Ruger SR9c | ThruMyLens

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If you're new to handguns, I would recommend starting with a full size gun. Practice and get your basics down, then decide on a carry piece.
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If your friend has the p250 shoot it first! My friend won a p250 in a raffle and did not like it because it is Double action only. I would suggest going to the range and rent the pistols that you are considering and shoot them then decide.

You must also consider your body type and the thickness of the gun!
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