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Question about water heaters

Im looking for a bit of information on what the problem with my water heater could be.
If i shower first thing in the morning we run out of hot water quite fast, around 10 min. If someone showers about an hour later they have double the hot water that the first person had. Am I correct in thinking this is a problem with the thermostat? The temp is set at max but it doesnt seem to hold the heat.
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Do you have hardwater in your area? If you get a large build up of sediment in the tank it can cause similar strange stuff. A few years back I had to chop 2" off of my fill tube and drain the sediment out of my tank for a similar issue. Chopping the fill tube helped some, it got me 2 more years before the top thermostat rusted out and I had to replace it anyway.
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The first guy to shower in the morning has to heat all the pipe in between the tank and the shower head, the next benefits from residual heat. Like olschool45 said sediment and rust can displace water volume in the holding tank, cleaning that out will restore some capacity.
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Double check what temp you're actually getting at the tap for both hot and cold. You could also have a combination of a general heat loss issue in the pipes, and a sub-optimal hot:cold difference, meaning you use far more 'hot' water to reach a desired temp than would otherwise be needed.

Also, depending on exact layout of your house, you may wish to explore heat-on-demand systems for domestic hot water if your system needs a replacement. You can get a decent savings in some cases in the long term depending on the building and usage patterns.
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When I put in my last water heater I was told to flush it once a year. That faucet on the side isnt just for looks!

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