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Sorry, that's classified.
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Coffee talk

Ah yes, just had a cup of California's highway-rest-stop-vending-machine-coffee. Delicious for a buck fifty and dispensed 80 times hotter than anyone cares to mention. How's your day going mcb? How do you like your coffee?

If mine's not piping hot, it totally kills my "wa"

Ordinarily I like mine black. It can be French pressed or drip brewed. I'm not too picky. My most favorite beans were from Costa Rica. Parents were on vacation earlier this year and visited a privately owned coffee ranch that, surprise surprise, sells beans to Starbucks. Of course Starbucks does their own roasting.

After having sampled the private roast style from the bag my parents brought back, I love it more than any other I've tried.
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Its funny you say that, cause I'm in costa rica right now. The coffee here is amazing although I prefer it French pressed. The people here are saying central america has the best. Strong passions lol. Pura Vida
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My parents sent me a couple of bags of Newfie Screech Dark Rum flavoured coffee from back home. Brewing a pot now, delicious stuff.
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I haven't drank coffee all my life(38 yrs old), till this past fall. I like my coffee french pressed and black. I am currently drinking Nizza blend from La Colombe Coffee Roasters La Colombe Torrefaction - Nizza I also am trying a bag of Guatemala Sant Clara from Stumptown Coffee Stumptown Coffee Roasters - Guatemala Santa Clara I got as a gift last week.

I noticed recently I started getting heartburn everyday, I never had that before and a friend of mine said it was the coffee, so I stopped the last 7-11 days and it went away. I am starting to cold brew my coffee because it supposed to have less acid. I just brewed a little batch in my french press and just filtered into a glass pitcher. I am drinking it now. So far so good. I will still drink it hot but not as much and not on an empty stomach.

And my day is going good. Mel at CCM just emailed me and said my J12 is almost ready to ship, hopefully today, Yeah! Happy New Year to all.
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chuff chuff
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Not a huge fan of the K-cup coffee, but I love me some Big Easy Bold.
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Had an XL Timmys this morning and like you it has to be piping hot, in fact I microwave my coffee after its brewed lol. Cream no sugar.

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Originally Posted by Slim View Post
Clearly, Axel doesn't know what he's talking about.
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more gooder
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3 timies so far today. I like it cool enough to drink. scalding hot is just a waste since I cant actually drink it like that. I hate getting blisters on my gums.
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Sorry, that's classified.
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Oh yeah if you wanna revive a cup, take a tiny pinch of salt. I mean tiny. Sprinkle it in, Nuke it for a minute. Fresh coffee.

Raoul, I also faced the heartburn lesson when I used to binge on coffee. Learned to take it easy. You can also brew right into ice in a cup. It's a nice feel fresh iced coffee.

Hobbes, I fell into the k-cup fad for a bit but now ive since returned to grinding my own beans. I'm that picky about preparation before the brew. I use the micro filter that keurig makes. Pretty handy. A little involved to clean it and fill for each cup though.
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Doesn't care (/◕ヮ◕)/
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Love the smell of coffee, cant stand to drink it hot, dont know why, something about burning the hell out of my lips and tongue drives me away every time, now i'll drink it warm or ice cold.

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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