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Originally Posted by woodviper View Post
What time limit is good for quick turn arounds between games?
Depends. If the game is over fairly quickly and everyone still has paint and air, start a new game immediately. If some have to go back to staging, let em and rearrange teams accordingly to make them fair again. If it ends up being a longer game and everyone has blown through their paint and air, go back to the staging area, give everyone 10-15 minutes to reload/refill and get back out to the field. Split the day up into morning and afternoon with a 30-45 minute "lunch break" in between.

Case in point: At one field, the "ref" was slow to start games. In one instance he literally sat around BSing for 15 minutes after a game that ended up being very lopsided and ending within 2 minutes and probably 100 shots total between 20 players (escort the president game where we flanked quickly and severely and double tapped the "prez" in the back without losing a single player on our side). This ref took a break between each game regardless of length and/or outcome. The fact that he was a total tool and had little clue what he was talking about probably didnt help.

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Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
Quick turnaround between games. There is no need to sit for 30 minutes between 15 minutes games. Refs need to organize people and get them on the field.
Yes! Being an OFG I sometimes need a longer break after several games but it's nice to be able to jump in and play when you're ready. I think it's important to always have a game running, it can be as easy as staggering two groups or more complicated if you have the staff to allow it.

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Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
$400 per 1000

smoke'em if you got'em.
Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
I'd wipe, play-on and overshoot.
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at a field, would you rather internet access or a full time gun tech? these days, google can answer almost any question is why I ask
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I like to see fields clean up once and awhile. Meaning: scrape off the load off splooge off the bunkers and rake up unbroken balls. I also like to see mudholes behind bunkers filled in with new, dry soil/straw or even mulch or gravel. Some well used bunkers get soupy quick.

I always like to see a ton of players, which means the field is doing something right by attracting the crowds. I also concur with the other opinions here on quick turnarounds for games. I don't like spending a ton of time waiting around. Decent field paint prices, and cheap entry fees cheap me coming back too.
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Originally Posted by Floundah View Post
at a field, would you rather internet access or a full time gun tech? these days, google can answer almost any question is why I ask
Something I could truthfully care less about either way. I bring a virtual arsenal with me so if one marker goes down, I simply grab another one. In the odd chance that I do need tech help I doubt anyone would be able to help me anyways since I shoot primarily Automags and would probably get a blank stare if I plopped it on the counter asking for help.
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good pricing and self service air refils. also this is a realy small thing but keep lots of menus toplaces that deliver at the field.
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If you are going to be a large field *cough* SCV *cough* offer more than one area to gas up. Ensure plenty of parking, long walks back and forth between games to pod up sucks, even worse when you only have 10 minutes between games.
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i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.

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Large, serviceable storage lockers (either rent-able by the day or bring your own lock) and plenty of them. Even spaced, well lit rows. If you can't get a marker case, couple of cases of paint and a change of cloths, the locker is too small.
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