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MEDuck 01-04-2013 01:40 PM

What do you like to see at a Paintball Field?
What do you like to see when traveling to a different field? What do you like about your local field? What have you seen that you don't like?


I've decided to make this into a checklist for current and future fields to strive for.

Field Maintenance
-Bunkers of good quality and size
-Well Maintained Bunkers (Paint washed off regularly, as well as actions against mudholes in well-traveled areas)
-Fields should have a nice layout without too much "dead space" between bunkers
-Clean Bathroom & Field
-Airsmith or knowledge thereof (none of that "I saw my cousin do this one time in the 90's" sh**)

-Short Breaks, Lots of paintball (Quick turnaround)
-Good time limits
-Even Teams
-Dedicated Respawns @ Big Games

-Dedicated, engaging, rule-enforcing Refs
-Refs that pay attention to ROF and Modes
-Rental fleet that is chronoed often (highly suggested to be daily)
-High degree of safety (masks and barrel socks)(barrel plugs if allowed)
-Refs that are fair and aren't afraid to sit people out
-Refs that check people's attitudes and take charge when the egos run wild

Other Must-Haves
-Interest (plenty of players)
-Field / Setup area Safety
-At least 2 grades of paint
-Self-Service Air
-Plenty of Parking
-Running Water
-Servicable website that is compatible with all software
-Facebook for advertising
-Active in the community (to quote Skeetgunner [post 29] "...mail drops, flyer insets in local papers, open-house days (advertised for months in advance). Be sure to get content on the electronic version of the local papers too; its often free.")
-Hot chicks and/or cheerleaders :)

-Setup Tables
-If at all possible, a real bathroom, not a Porta-John
-Reasonably Priced (paint and entry)
-Pump play (pump only days, option to rent pump guns, etc.)
-Good Food and Drinks (BBQ always a plus)(Cheap Mexican Food ALWAYS a no)
-Well Priced Pro-shop
-Open all week
-Choice between HPA or CO2
-Large Fields need a Secondary Air Fill Station closer to fields of play, as well as a Secondary Setup Area
-Rentable (or otherwise) Lockers for Paintball Gear
-Showers and Clothes Room (if indoors)
-A Plethora of Delivery Menus to local restaurants
-Free WiFi

Post below for your additions to the list, they are appreciated :)

Deuce 01-04-2013 01:53 PM

More than anything I like to see lots of players milling about. There's nothing worse than showing up, waiting around for 30 minutes or more and not seeing any players.

OPBN 01-04-2013 01:57 PM

1. Refs that keep things moving. I came to play not sit around and BS about playing.
2. Goes with the first, but reasonable time limits on games.
3. Bunkers large enough for adults to use as cover, not just 8 year old Ethiopian midgets. Piling a bunch or fallen twigs and branches 3' tall isnt a proper bunker (if its the only thing offered). Playing a woods field with 1 foot diameter trees is not much fun when you're 2' wide either.
4. Reasonable paint prices OR reasonable field fees. Don't charge me $25 entry, $10 air, and than rape me with $80 cases of generic no name paint.
5. Also goes with the first, but use refs that treat regulars and walk ons the same. Don't stack all the locals that know every angle, bunker and trick of the field against a bunch of walk ons that may or may not have ever played before. Make the teams even.
6. If a field has a "Big Game", make sure that there is some sort of respawn. Getting eliminated in the first 5 minutes of a game and sitting around for 30-45 minutes until another game is started sucks and makes people hesitant to get eliminated, thus making for a slow game (very circular).

The Flounder 01-04-2013 02:15 PM

A clean bathroom is a plus
Tables to set up your gear on
Quick turn around between games.

idkfa 01-04-2013 02:22 PM

Quick turnaround between games. There is no need to sit for 30 minutes between 15 minutes games. Refs need to organize people and get them on the field.

EgoPossum 01-04-2013 02:26 PM

I have had the luck of checking out a few paintball fields (CPX, Extreme Paintball Park, Sudden Impact, Paintball Mountain, Paintball Encounters) and here is what I life to see.

1)The fields fully meshed in from the staging areas to keep bystanders safe.

2) Refs that engage the customers/bookings they are looking after beyond just getting them to shoot one another on the same field all the time. Taking the time to suggest a different field or style of game is key (attack and defend, drop off mission, president run, Flag drop). The more you engage your customers the more likely they are to come back.

3) Safety! Just because the person is a regular doesn't mean that the rules don't apply to them.

4) Reasonable Pricing. I live in Canada and for some odd reason paint is "expensive" at the fields. If I go to a field that has good staff, well maintained fields. clean staging areas, and just a "good" feeling to it, I more then willing to pay $100+ a case of paintballs. To me it is just the cost of playing paintball (plus I shoot a pump).

5) Police the players to make sure that someone is not ruining another's days. One of the things I cannot stand is when another player beats on renters and newer players. All the good fields I have been at take a stand on this and will go as far as booting the problematic player off of the field and banning them if they persist.

Modded-Like-Hell 01-04-2013 02:29 PM

autocockers and food!

capt_cupcakes 01-04-2013 02:37 PM


1-clean and kept up.. looks like the staff care about their field..
2-Staff that are happy to be there and are always friendly.. and who know their stuff about paintball.. yes new school and old school
3-fields that are big enough to have breathing room and are put together well.
4-drinks and food is a must out at a fied..
5-a good number of people there. i dont mind waiting a bit but 45 min i start to get auntsy to play.
6-fair prices for the gear there.. i dont want to be paying $65 for a case of low end paint.

tarakian 01-04-2013 03:00 PM

Hot naked women and MAr

woodviper 01-04-2013 03:22 PM

What time limit is good for quick turn arounds between games?

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