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Originally Posted by Hawkeye20 View Post
Eight days for a LETTER? Damn, that is SLOW!
it came from so cal area near hemet region when my brother sent it out. also the letter had a photo book with my brother and his son in picture. so it was heavy letter do to book in it.
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Holidays plus winter make shipping slow this time of year.

Contact is another issue though. Dead silence for 8 days inspires little confidence.


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Shipped price is valid to domestic buyers and will be USPS priority. International buyers are welcome, but will cover additional costs. Insurance costs are included. If you prefer an uninsured package, you the buyer will assume all risk once I ship.
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Hell, i bought a racegun and it took 2 and a half months to get to my house, post office lost it, then found it, then lost it again! Finally got it and it was worth the wait.
Originally Posted by Party View Post
They always get moody after you try to **** with them.
Now what's a cocker?
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Yeah buddy. Keep your britches up and whatever you do, don't call out the member publicly unless you know 120% certain that you've been screwed. Once someone has been called out and the flames happen... It can't get undone.

I shipped out an item today to a member that paid me earlier this morning... I try to ship same day no matter what. I usually do. That being said, I walked into the PO today with 5 minutes to spare. Had I not made it, poor fellow's package would have been in the trunk of my car until AT LEAST this time next week.

This isn't ***. Most of us here have at least one job, if not two jobs and another hobby that might as well be a job. Sometimes things don't go out pronto.
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Originally Posted by tedmcm View Post
All right, thanks everyone. I guess I just need to be a little more patient haha.
Its cool guys, he gets it

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Originally Posted by tarakian View Post
Let that be a lesson to all you criminal types. Don't steal old and unique paintball gear. We are the market and we will find you.
Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
he doesn't manage a business, and he should have planned it out better or had some experience in what he was doing before taking pre-orders. the worst part is simply that he took the money and did not refund it... which is fraud.

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