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-65C with the wind chill, which if I remember, was more like -58C ambient temperature. This was way up north, farther than any of you have likely been. Military isn't always that much fun. Gotta love it when fuel starts to thicken up, and standing outside for brief moments becomes incredibly painful.
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Originally Posted by The Flounder View Post
I have been to the South Pole for work and we saw temps around -65C while we were there. Would love to go for a long term assignment but that was just a 5 day trip for installation of weather station equipment.
I always thought it would neat to get on for a stint down that way doing some form of maintenance, HVAC prefered since that is what I do for work.
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Saw -63 C once. Where I was living at the time we regularly had like a week during the winter where the temperature would average -50 C. Normal tempature was about -30 C or so.
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Coldest natural temps I've been exposed to for any length of time would have to be somewhere just shy of -40C or so before wind chill. Coldest wind chill I remember was -60 something. Personally I find anything much below -20 is just "damn cold" and it all feels mostly the same.

Also spent a few hours a couple years ago working in a lab's cold chamber. Will admit that even with feeling the chill through the helmet on the suit I was highly curious as to what -180C would feel like on the face. Not curious enough to try, but still.

Not something I would suggest anyone make a hobby of.
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Labrador (as in Newfoundland and Labrador) has gotten -51`C without the windchill. Last week they were in the -40`c to -47`c range and they had to close all the schools.
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I did my Winter survival school and the temp was -58F the whole time we where out there.
I have also been stuck in Cambridge bay trying to get a broken herk figured out when the temp was all red flag days nobody allowed outside except for us dummies trying to get the plane out of there.
I think the flag goes out at -75F and that did not include the wind chill.
Needless to say it was booger cracking cold.


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Coldest I have seen was -64F with out windchill. That converts to -53.3C.
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Somewhere around -45c in Sudbury, never really kept track too much. It was -37c here last week but I wasn't outside. Living in Toronto was hilarious when everyone complained about -10c.
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-52 c. it didn't feel that cold. mind you I was still hammered from the night before and lost part of my ear to frostbite lol. also fell down and cut the crap out of my hand and didn't really notice the gouge I had put in it for about 3 hours. ahh university
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I slept outside at a place where I used to hunt with my friend. -14F.
Sleeping bag and a fire, no tent, 30 MPH wind.

A case of Budweiser quarts and a fifth of Beam. Shot a fox from my sleeping bag when I woke up. Didn't claim my prize until I got the fire going again......
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