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saw -59c once here on PEI. yeah not too nice a day.
yay fer paintball
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-54 Fahrenheit, before the windchill. There was a steady, constant 20 MPH wind blowing too, so it was most likely in the mid -60's with the windchill.

That was Ottawa, Canada. January or February of 2004. Walking across a parking lot, leaving an Ottawa Senators hockey game--coldest 15 minute walk OF ALL TIME.

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Cold weather training in -30 on the bulb - no clue about the damned wind chill.

That sucked.

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Originally Posted by cdrinkh20 View Post

I also work at the Running Room so we have 2 groups out tonight and I'm teaching a clinic out in tomorrow >.>
Which running room? I was in a 10k clinic tonight. We ran inside.
Originally Posted by Painthappy
Somethang straight-up wrong.. well, went wrong. Us thugs will now sack dem involved.
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I manage Callingwood for now haha just don't creep me as an anonymous customer or I'm going to be paranoid :P
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-65F with windchill and man was the wind brutal. We had several guys get frostbite that FTX. It was so cold and the wind and conditions were so awful there was actually a freeze on training. Not much you can do about it though when you have a bastard for a 1SG and he says you're training.

I'd be happy to never see anything like it again.
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Originally Posted by HyePower View Post
35* Fahrenheit. lol. That's California freezing.

I dunno, my pops was stationed in Germany in the late 80s/early 90s, and he said it got pretty damn cold there. Something about the coastal cold when he came back here though, slices right through whatever jacket you wear. Chills ya to the bone.

Probably not as bad as -51 C you Canadian dudes go through though
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all work
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Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
-55*C - I lived in Powassan, Ontario for about a year and a half. We had a cold snap in January of '09 for two days - car started, but no power steering for about 20 minutes until the fluid warmed up enough to start moving.
I can't imagine...

Mont Tremblant new years eve 1998 just ahead of the ice storm. It was -33C before windchill in Saint-Jovite. It must have been colder on the mountain. I did one run that day gunning my board down the hill; balls out in an aero tuck, ice forming on my lips behind my balaclava. That night I actually thought I might freeze to death trying to hail a cab.

That was plenty cold.
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What´s the coldest you´ve slept outside?
Mine is -35C, in army tent with a fireplace, it still gets petty cold though, especially if someone sleeps on the watch.

We´re going on 3 day ski hike with a similar tent in two weeks, I´m kinda hoping the weather to be -10C or around that.
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I was skiing in WV many years ago, and experienced -26*F, without wind chill. The wind chill took it down to around -40 or something silly cold. Needless to say we would make two runs, and then spend some time in the lodge warming up... Those long chairlift rides were killer, especially when it stopped for a few minutes to clear out the fools that fall


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