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Coldest Temperature you have ever experienced

Hi guys,

This morning i woke up in Edmonton Alberta to -30 degrees Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) ... -43 C (-45.4 Fahrenheit) with wind chill. Warnings said exposed skin would be frostbitten within 10 minutes. I was just glad my car started, I hadn't plugged it in as forecast said-25 all yesterday.

I also work at the Running Room so we have 2 groups out tonight and I'm teaching a clinic out in tomorrow >.>

I've experienced a little closer to-48 C with wind before but I've always been told its not as bad as a wet cold (by people experiencing -5 at worst); the mountains make sure its dry enough to make your skin crack and bleed in winter.

What's the worst cold you've experienced and what's the coldest you've played in? I did -15 C once but it was a pain getting people out: we had 4.
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We had -51C with the windchill here in Calgary 6yrs ago during a nasty cold spell. I was working outside in -35C with the windchill until Health and Safety told us no more working out below -20C

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I have been cold in Saskachewan at ~ -40*C (-60*something with wind) and Cold in Newbrunswick at ~ -20*C (-25ish with wind) and more recently we have had a nice week of about -25*C here in Ottawa...which just warmed up to almost double digets today ??

I Honestly do believe that the cold in Sask was easier to deal with than the Cold I have felt in the mountains of BC, or in NB Or in ON or NS or QUE...
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I think it was -39C when I was waiting for the bus last week.
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35* Fahrenheit. lol. That's California freezing.
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We can't cancel our runs for anything short of hail, lightning, ....tornadoes.... yeah, temperature, rain and snow "you have to deal with".
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-47C, not counting the wind, in -87 or -96? Both were cold years, at least -45C
This winter we´ve had -31C but I live on the coast nowdays.
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Years ago one of the BoyScout trips I went on the news reported that with windchill it was something like -30F. Dont know what it was without windchill. We were out on the lake that night and we could barely walk into the wind. It was blowing us backwards. Gotta say it was really dumb to be out there that night.
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Not to leave out our friends in the States and warmer climes....what is the hottest you've experienced or played in?

I would say approximately 33 C up to 37 C, (98.6 Fahrenheit) possibly a bit hotter on a vacation to Hawaii or Mexico. Toronto sucked in the summer, that is when its nice to be a bit dry like here in Alberta.
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I remember, probably close to 15 years ago walking into my grandfathers house and looking up on the thermometer he had on the outside of the house, it was -40F*.
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