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Originally Posted by Panda View Post
I'd imagine these is comprised of all sorts of nasty stuff you wouldn't want to be near. As for paintball uses, the insides of hoppers and barrels seem like the obvious choice.
blocking the connection ports, u can use it on boards..i was thining of spraying some near electronics on my axe as they are not very water resistant
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Found a website that sells this stuff, not cheap, but great coverage for paintball applications per can.

42 sq ft for $160 (top and bottom coating) would do about 93 barrels (0.448985972 ft^2 each); coming out to $1.70ish/barrel
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i find this easy to masturbate to
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The field applications are endless though - bunkers, walls, and potentially floors would no longer need the cake icing scraped off. A well drained field would have no problem utilizing this technology. Here in Utah, the only fields that are open year-round are indoor, so this has some cool applications.

I think someone said coating hoppers would be a good application. Before anyone gets to gung-ho about that, please remember where you hopper feeds into. :P
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Oil won't stick to your bolt o-ring. If you're planning on using this in a hopper, because the broken paint is going into your breach and since you can't use this in your breech (because this won't let oil stick to your o-ring) it'll pool up in your breech and make your gun useless, even if you use this stuff in your barrel.

Might work for an Automag though. But if you have a Level 10 system then you probably don't need it.
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Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
you'll do anything for *****.....
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Thank Jesus for inventing lotus flowers.

This product has been in the works for a while now, I'm glad they made it to market.
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Originally Posted by Uranus View Post
Never wipe your butt again
Of course you would be the one to make a potty joke.

Seems like an interesting product.
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Very Bork.
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Wait, you guys clean your gear?
Now 200% more Bork then the next leading brand!
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I guess if shady players coat them selfs with this then they will just have to be bunkered and shot in the back of the head unless they intend on coating there hair
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Originally Posted by Odjur View Post
Wait, you guys clean your gear?
Not anymore!

If this stuff was clear (they say they are working on that) it could be great for a anti fog treatment for your goggles.

I do see an application for barrels, now to figure out how to spray the inside evenly......
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