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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
yea but how do you even report it if they want to arrest you for cashing it?
I should have said US Postal Money Order. They are the only ones I think of when Money Order is mentioned. Growing up in a small town, it was either that or a Cashier's Check from the bank.
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as has been said only aceept a USPS MO and cash it before you ship anything. If they want to pay with another form of MO I'd tell them no dice either USPS MO or paypal if those aren't viable options your bid is cancelled the item is relisted and you get a non paying bidder case lodged.

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Yes, do a Postal Money Order. Those are as good as cash. There are scams with Bank checks, and I don't fully understand how those are done, but I haven't heard of any scams with a postal money order.
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Be aware that it is a going scam to buy stuff on ebay with a fake money order or cashier's check, 'accidentally' send too much money, and have the buyer send the 'change' back leaving the cops and bank to go after the seller for cashing it, who was just an unknowing accomplice.

Caveat emptor.

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Like above, only accept a Postal Money order, since the PO will cash it for you.

This is important because if your own bank cashs a money order, or cashiers check, or personal check.... and finds out its fraudulant (and this may take a while), you will be liable for that money.

In the old days of ebay, most payments were made by checks and money orders. For me 99% were good, but the others were either bounced checks, or money orders that could not be verified... or the worst- Requests to send Western Union. WU is -always- a scam. It was never designed to make payments. Only for sending money to people you know. Thus, there is -zero- protection, and thats why scammers love it.

But Postal Money orders are great. I tend to assume people use them because they lost there paypal account... but sometimes you have people who are just discovering the internet, and setting up a paypal account is a bit annoying.

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Moneygram is good as well but not as good as PO money order.
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money order is actually the best way to be paid as a seller, imo. have them do postal mo. like others have said, dont ship till you cash it. what ive done in the past is receive the mo, bring mo along with whatever im selling to po, cash mo, and while there ship the item/s.
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Like others have said, US Postal Money Order only. The Post Office verifies that it's legit and cashes it for you on the spot. You can then use the cash to pay for shipping if you haven't already printed a label. If you have cash in hand after going this route, there's no risk to you anymore.

Anything else, including other forms of money orders or moneygrams, is just like a personal check. You deposit it, and then wait ten days and call your bank to make sure it cleared and that your bank was paid on the check. Only after your bank assures you that it's cleared do you ship anything. (And remember, there's a huge difference between "the funds are available" and "the check has cleared")

There are so many people running bogus check scams that this form of payment isn't very widely accepted for internet transactions now. It's pretty much limited to local deals, where you know the other party.
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Since I'm from Canada I do mo's from Canada post, I personally don't like or use paypal.
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Originally Posted by kevdupuis View Post
I personally don't like or use paypal.
Bad experience? Or what about it don't you like?
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