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Valentine's Day. What are you getting your S.O.

My Significant Other in the last couple weeks has expressed the want to get back into woodworking, so Iam getting her a wood lathe to get her started. In past years before we met, she never did anything or got anything for valentines day, last year was a road trip up the mountain to an excellent resturant . This year woodworking equipment and dinner. Setting a high bar to beat next year lol.
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Not really my significant other, but there is a lovely lady back home who deserves some flowers to say the least. Can't do that much when I am this far away, and I won't go overboard because it isn't (and I don't have ) my s.o.
It will do though.

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We alternate who does what every vday. Keeps things interesting.

This year it's my turn. I'm doing dinner on Thursday. Seafood linguine, her fav. Then we are going to Niagara a weeks from then Way cheaper. Hell even the flowers are cheaper. And she's cool with that. 4 times as many flowers for waiting a couple days. Hell yeah.
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I now have two to buy for. Suggestions are welcome.

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I am buying myself dinner. And chocolate. I am such a lucky me.

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I got me (single man here) new barrels for my T/C.
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My wife and I both have to work. So saturday I am taking her to Banff. (the mountains for you US friends)
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I got myself some lotion
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Originally Posted by Bigtuana View Post
I got myself some lotion

Well, I just started seeing this one girl. I can't take her out on valentine's because I get out of work at 5Pm, then class till 8PM, and it's my little bro's birthday, so I must spend it with him. But Sunday (my only time off during the day) I plan on picking her up around 11 in my wrangler with the top down, taking her to this one place in miami on the beach, renting bikes, and bike riding around the area. Then going on this one trail that leads to a rather remote part of miami to a little beach that overlooks the bay and taking her favorite fruits, and her favorite bottle of sweet red wine.

And of course getting her some red roses.
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