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Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
This is why I don't like included shipping in sales. I always list things for a price + shipping. That way we can negotiate on the value of the item separately from the cost of getting it from place to place. The shipping cost is on the buyer and is independent from the deal.

When I make an offer to someone, especially those in the US, I will generally name a price and then offer to pay actual shipping.
That is totally understandable. Negociate on the price of an item, then add the price of shipping, and if seller is ready to help on price of shipping, that's part of the negociation too. But it's a negociation, seller can accept or not what is asked by the buyer.

What I often see is "Shipping included to USA, Canada pays shipping". I always offer to pay whatever extra it is to ship to Canada than the price the seller would pay to ship to USA. If it's $15 he'd have to pay to ship in USA, and it's $40 to Canada, I am ready and usually happy to pay the $25 extra, it's just logical and fair.

But all in all, here is a used marketplace, not a store, and negociating and haggling is to be expected. People should keep cold headed when emtering the dealing waltz.

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Dear Americans,

I love you guys and will ship to you. Hopefully you will do the same and we can compromise on shipping/ i'll pay it if that's required to make you feel good because **** it, were all adults who are part of this community who want to put our balls (of paint in most cases) on each others faces. Do you know how hard it is to explain that to someone outside of mcb?...
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I'm waiting for Walz. If you're going to do something do it right.
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