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10 Crazy Things to Do When You're Dead

I think I'll go with choice number 2, Now to pick a song? EDIT: My friends suggested "Highway To Hell" lol
10 Crazy Things to Do When You're Dead : Discovery News

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I want to go out as animal ****.

I can be known as Tom Dung

Boston Creepers
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I like the tree idea, the screw coffin idea (very inventive), and the sky burial.

My wife already knows that I want a Viking funeral, so at least my ashes will be put on a miniature boat and burned at sea.
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I kind of liked the screw coffin if just because it was a neat idea.

The diamond thing was cool too but I doubt anyone would really want me around that long.

The two that interest me the most are the record and the reef.

If a record, I'd like to have "Dust in the Wind" as sung by Will Farrell

If a reef I'd like to be dropped where people dive so I could continue entertaining the masses.
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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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My top 3 are:
1) Cryonics (Sausage King shall live on!)
2) Shot into the sun
3) Viking funeral
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