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Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
Well, emissions equipment hasn't changed since the 70's - we still use EGR valves, catalytic converters, and feedback fuel systems. Safety devices still include seat belts and air bags (first air bag offered in a GM was in the early 70's), ABS was also offered on some 60's Chryslers. All very expensive options, and definitely something I DON'T need in a new car.

"Engine management" is just a crappy band-aid fix for poor engine design.
The basic functions of emission part might be the same, but they are not the same. Saying they haven't changed is like saying clothes haven't changed in 2000 years, because we still wear shirts and pants. Yes, safety devices include seat belts and air bags. But modern cars can have 9 or more of them (each costing hundreds of dollars.) Not to mention safety cages, crumple zones, traction control, lane departure, and other crash avoidance systems.

You can sum up engine management to poor engine design, but in the end, the newer car with the 'poorly designed engine' puts out more power using less gas and lasts longer with less maintenance.

Just because you don't need it doesn't mean you aren't getting more for your money.
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I really like the rear turn signals on the newer mustangs
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