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Flash light and Multi-tool Advice

So I live in NYC.

Which as of late is really shaping up like the comic books or movies plots where anything and everything can happen in the Big Apple.

I am trying to make my gym bag a little more functional. In addition to my work-out clothes and my EDC, I want to also include a nice high-quality flash light and a multitool device.

Any suggestions? Please feel free to post links or pictures in this thread.

If there is anything else that you think I should need, recommend that as well and why.

At the end of the day, I am not trying to convert my gym bag into a survival bag per se but want to have some absolutely must-have devices in the event of an emergency. I still want the bag to be light and mobile as I will be using it on a daily basis.

Thanks in advance.
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You can't go wrong with a 2 cell (6 volt) Surefire. Even the nylon versions are very nice. They aren't cheap but they last a long freaking time and you will be happy that you have it when you need it.

If I could actually find my 6volt model I'd give you a good deal on my 9v model... now that is a nice light

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I can't speak to what multi-tools are allowable in NY, but after long runs with several diff brands and types, I've settled on the Leatherman Super Tool 200, which covers most of the things I do on a daily basis, is built like a tank, and carries a great warranty.
As for flashlights, check out the Fenix brands of LED lights. You can get as hi tech (and pricey) as you want, but for me, I'm now carrying a Fenix E11. The price is affordable, it is very compact, uses the easily available AA, has 2 brightnesses which so far have covered all my uses, and is pretty efficient on energy usage. The only thing I have not found is a belt carrier of some kind that fits it to my liking. I just drop it in my pocket however, and it is barely noticeable. That's my 2 bits and hope that helps.

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Leathermen or Gerber both make excellent tools and knives. I feel that since these might be keeping you alive, pinching pennies here might cost you down the line. The one linked is excellent.

Flash lights I'm not as informed on, but I always keep a flint and steel attached to my knife sheath. It's good to have something reliable to start a fire if necessary.
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dude, you live in NYC

your doomed

like I should talk - I live on an Island........
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I'd suggest going for a nice LED headlamp, having your hands free is extremely convenient. Avoid older stuff using traditional bulbs, they just cant compete with the LED lights. Petzl makes some nice stuff but I found princeton tech to have awesome performance for the money, generally about half the price.
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Are there laws against multi-tools? I know the knife part needs to be under ~3.5 inches for it to be street legal but is there anything else that I am missing?

Thanks guys.

As soon as I get off work I will look into those suggestions. Keep them coming!

Schmitti, ill take a look / compare at the light if you can find it.
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Leatherman. Have had one for years now, no issues with it besides me breaking the super tiny flathead screw driver on it by using it as a prying tool. :P During the summer, I use the thing almost every day for something.
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I have leatherman and gerber - both nice but I like the leatherman more.

I carry the gerber as it has a belt pouch, keep a mini gerber in my pocket and keep my big leatherman in my laptop backpack.

I work from home so this might be overkill.

I also have the little LEDs that clip to baseball caps as I always wear a cap

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i also put a vote in for letherman.

as for flashlights, get an REI headlamp. plenty bright. some of them even have flashing function.
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