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It's old, with brass and wood..

My grand-father died a couple months ago. Going through the stuff in his house, I stumbled upon something interesting I guess..

It's not in very good / very clean condition, could be nice to try and restore.
From a quick interweb search of the engravings on the barrels, it's a Frank Wesson superposed two shot in .22, made between 1868-1880 to less than 3,000 units. The smaller size and the ring on the hammer would make it the "Watch-Fob" model.

What do you guys with some real steel knowledge think about this find?


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I've seen one of those before. Aren't they usually called Derringers, or something of that nature?

Looks cool though. You could probably sell it for a lot of money if you kept it in the original condition
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I don't know what the value on that piece would be but as with all vintage firearms, restoring or refinishing them detracts from the value.
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sorry about your grand-pa

thats a cool little gun, i think i saw one , or something similar, on one of those firearms shows go for quite a bit. close to $1k if i remember correctly.
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Nice little derringer you have there. I would certainly not try and restore it as it usually detracts from any value the firearm has now.
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sorry about your grandpa. google is your friend.

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Realistically, it's like an autococker. Sure it could be worth 650 if you kept it original condition, but I would personally rather make it my own and make it functional. Keep it in the family! Maybe you can pass it down to your grand kids, and they pass it on, etc...

This day and age, 500 bucks or 650, isn't a lot of money. There is no way you would get the sentimental value out of it and your regret it shortly afterwards.

If we were talking a couple grand, and you're in a tight spot, then it's a different story.
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Sorry about your loss.

Keep it original...if it shoots or not. Sentimental value....for all you know your gramdpa bought it at a yard sale.... so unless you got the sentimental to go with it, then all you have is a collectible piece....and those are best in original condition.
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Yeah, I'm not thinking about selling it. This was in fact hidden in my grand-mother's stuff that was still at my grand-father's house, she died almost 20 years ago. I will keep that thing since my grand-father's house actually completely burned, and it's one of the few things that could be salvaged after the fact.

As to the restore idea, I was thinking about removing some rust, barrels aren't really clean, trigger isn't moving freely, barrel locking lever is stuck open. I don't want to polish it all and paint it pink, don't worry. It is an interesting small easter egg if I can say.

Thank you all for the good words.

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My condolences to you for the loss of your grandpa.

If you are wanting to clean it up, just take it to an airsmith. Unless you are experienced and know what you are doing, often you can ruin something. I have a friend that works at a gun shop and routinely has guys bring in guns that they "fixed" and want to sell only to have him tell them that devalued it.
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