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exxon arkansas oil spill

there was such a huge thread when deepwater horizon spilled, nobody made a thread about this yet?

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Arkansas spill strengthens arguments of Keystone foes -

also, how was someone from exxon even able to control the faa?

edit: oops, wrong section? move to general pls?
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Mobile/Exxon makes somewhere around 30billion in pure profits every 3 months, I think they could have used money to quiet the media. Other than a couple things online I haven't heard anything about this at all, so it is either not interesting enough or someone is getting paid to shut up.
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so, what, y'all got paid off to not start a thread too? that's not fair man, maybe i wanna get paid off too.
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Nobody gives a **** about Arkansas?
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Money before environment guys, duh. You've all been alive long enough to not be surprised.
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Bite me, murph.
That whole area has basically been cordoned off and declared the independent state of Exxon. None goes in or out without their approval, and the media gets zero access to anything but exxon's talking heads. State the hell out of me, especially since the tar sands products aren't considered "oil" and therefore the cleanup standards for oil don't apply. That's about an hour and a half north of me.
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
there was such a huge thread when deepwater horizon spilled, nobody made a thread about this yet?
small potatoes. this isonly 20,000 barrels, deepwater was in the millions
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