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Getting ready to enroll in college

Its been about 8 years since I've been in school, its intimidating...
I've been wasting away scholastically.

Get into college after high school, I wish I took that advise.
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All up to what you want to do man.

I've graduated high school and for 2 years just wasn't feeling like getting back into school. I kept myself busy with books and political debates and getting into the science behind paintball and guitar/amp circuitry.

Now I kinda want to get back into a class for sociology, writing or lit, and electrical engineering maybe to make my own guitar pedals or amplifiers. I say don't regret the choice you made, just be happy that you're following up on your desire to get back into school.

There's plenty of older retired folks even who go to college. Just make sure you're going to learn about things you're passionate about as opposed to something that supposedly pays well. Much more fulfilling, I think.

Good luck man, let us know how it goes
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I went to a community college after high school for a semester then was unable to return due to financial reasons. That was almost 3 years ago, and let me tell you I cannot wait to get back to it. I am also hopefully going to begin the process to enroll for the fall semester myself! Good luck!
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Most professors like older students because they are more mature, focused and motivated. It might be rough getting back into an academic environment but perseverance gets you most of the way.
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I went to college fresh out of high school and blew it. 2 cemesters and I don't think I had maybe 6 credits, if that, I honestly don't remember. I partied my butt off and rarely went to most of my classes. I wasn't nature enough to go to school, I was not an irresponsible hoodlum or anything I just was tired of school and wanted to cut loose. Looking back on it though I know now like I knew then, that I screwed up. I had my school all paid for with grants and scholarships, I even got extra spending money each cemester. If I went to school now I know what I would want to do, but I have no plans to. I am doing pretty well for myself since most people stereotype college drop outs as someone who will fail at life.

I would go to school for either some sort of metal fabrication mastery or for Aquaculture.
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It's often useful to wait until you're older if you actually want to learn things. Unfortunately school is sometimes not the most direct route to do that.

What are you going for?
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Good job on going back. I was fifteen years out before I went back. The old gray matter is protesting, but I'm making a go of it.
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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
In short... I don't know what I'm doing. I'll figure it out after another beer.
Originally Posted by Hula Popper View Post
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Community college student here. Passed with flying colors my first semester. Bombed everything the second semester (Went from 3.8 average to 2.0 average combining classes from both semesters, it was that bad). Skipped school for a semester. Doing decent this semester. Going into the Air Force though sometime in the summer.

Honestly, I've realized college isn't exactly for me. I haven't really said anything to my parents like that. If I try I could get all A's or close to it. But college doesn't motivate me, and I realize I can find something to do myself. That's why I'm going in the Air Force. I'm going to save up money and invest in a project when I come out. Maybe even while I'm in. I have to figure out which direction I want to go (have a few in my mind).
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I went for a little over 2 years fresh outta HS, found out fast that I was NOT ready for it. Im smart enough to get by pretty well without studying in HS, college was a different story. Too much drinking, hanging out ect. Good thing my dad pushed me into the machinist program while in HS. Doing well for myself now,(38) but a vocation is key.
I had put my EX thru school, she graduated at 35ish, let me tell you, the sooner you go back the easier it is. Life has a way of getting in the way of school as you get older.
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Originally Posted by psunitro View Post
I had put my EX thru school, she graduated at 35ish, let me tell you, the sooner you go back the easier it is. Life has a way of getting in the way of school as you get older.
Boy, thats the truth.

I went to college right out of high school, for a couple years. Decided I wanted to take a semester off to backpack europe, mexico, etc. That semester turned into a years... then 2... then 3. I eventually went back to get my degree, and get a real career, but it was much harder with all the other things going on in my life.

I eventually put my wife through college when she was 32, and by then we had 4 kids. So every day became a struggle to time-manage down to the second. Lots of hard work, but its all behind us now.

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