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If they're plain old africanized bees
just use hot soapy water and hose them down, Dawn is usually the preferred
what everyone else has ever told me

My advice:
get a bug zapper, plug it in
grab a beer, grab a chair and enjoy watching the little F***ers get zapped and catch fire
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Found some wasps with a half completed nest in my shed a couple of years ago when I went to get my motorbike out for a ride, little buggers didn't seem to understand my leathers were not my skin. Pulled the nest off the roof, took it out side and trampled it, not been back since. Think I got stung a couple of times on the neck in the process but I don't react badly to them.
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Had a ground nest in my backyard. I found it when our dog came running to the door with a couple of wasps working him over...for the second time that day.

I did a walk around the fence line at dusk and found the entrance to the nest. 1/2 a can of wasp killer, a quick hightail back inside, and 1 slow beer later I went back out and all was quiet. Next morning, no motion, so that weekend I dug it up and found a ton of dead wasps. Good thing the dog found the next and not my daughter (2 years old at the time).
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Found a basketball sized hornets nest while trimming my holly bush this past summer.

Throw rock at nest.

Raid the buzzy bastards as they swarm.

Rinse and repeat.

Didn't get stung once. First time for everything I suppose.
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I enjoy killing them little devils. One year had a nest in a bird house so I shot some pellets at it for a while before smashing the house to the ground and flaring it like a pancake with a fence post. Or there was the time I found one under a pallet so I shot at it with my marker till it was dislodged from the pallet then crushed it with a large rock. For ground nests I usually just pile dirt over their entrances so they can't escape or sometimes depending on how dry the grass is poor gas let it soak in then have a little fire. Love watching them fry on my bug zapper too.

On a side note baking soda and water mixed makes a paste that when applied over a sting instantly takes all pain away. Works for the pets as well.
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I remember standing on a balcony once trying to pick off individual bees with a scoped .22. We did this for a few hours. A 12 gauge to a nest really gets attention
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