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Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
they had a GTR at the nissan dealership, fwiw
Originally Posted by heinous View Post
yes, women buy and drive cars now, you've lived a long life haven't you?
...they're chick cars, DUH!

But anyways, jokes aside, American cars have really stepped it up in terms of quality and features. More so than imports IMO. Right now is the best time to buy an American car. They're trying way harder than say... Honda or Toyota, who are pretty much riding on their reputation of being dependable and reliable, though they aren't what they used to be. Same with BMW and Mercedes Benz. The tables have turned and Japanese cars rule the luxury car market now, and the Germans are mimicking the Japanese, not the other way around. But all around, foreign car companies have started to cut corners ... American car companies are working hard to try and fix their image.

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Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
I am curious to what folks would choose for a vehicle under the following circumstances:

primary commuter / secondary kid hauler for a family with 2 kids, both of which need to be in car seats. There already is a primary kid hauler.

I've got my short list - yes, the hypothetical situation above is my real one - but I was wondering what others would choose, and why
My wife and I have a 2011 Honda Odyssey (our primary kid hauler and the vehicle the Mrs drives to work) and a 2007 Honda Fit (I commute about 60 miles a day round trip to work).

Although the Fit is small, it will surprise you as to how much room it has inside. We use it as a secondary kid hauler for our two kids and it fits the bill nicely. The fold-able seats in the back also give you a ton of cargo space for paintball gear!

True story: I took the Fit to Hell Survivor's a couple of years ago with one friend riding shotgun and another in one of the back seats. We folded the other seat down and used every square inch for our gear and packed lightly, but the three of us made it from WV to MI and back!

Aside from the coil packs and plugs causing sputtering and misfires and needing replacement in my Fit, I have had no reliability issues with it. I have about 142,000 miles on it now and hope to get another 142,000 on it before it needs replacement.
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Originally Posted by Cunha View Post
Probably the best thing you can do is buy a used car that isn't from a dealership. The owner matters more than anything. Buy the car from someone who took far better care of the vehicle than you did. This person will probably have receipts to show for it..for things like tires and air filters. Some owners actually keep track of every gas tank fill up.

Its a little bit more work but you save enormous amounts of money.
Bad idea, curb stoners make a living out of looking like they put all sorts of care into a car and were the best owners. In reality they put together 2 cars with a welder, did the paperwork to fix up the title, and since they aren't an official business you have no recourse against them.

Certified used is the way to go, something new enough to qualify. Otherwise don't sirens more used then you can buy cash.
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It is usually easy to tell a good owner, and someone trying to look like one. I said they will probably have receipts. Receipts aren't the only thing to look for. I've never seen a car in my price range with paint or body work that I couldn't identify, but like I said you're going to need to be more careful in general. If you can't tell that some guy is lying to you about how long he has owned his vehicle, and every other detail than you probably will get screwed. No "curb-stoner" is going to have owned a car for over 6 months and they will act weird when you ask about how the car has been treating them and stuff if they already lied to you about how long they have owned the car.

But I've seen dealerships hawk cars that should have born a salvage title more than once to folks that "bought with confidence" because it was from a big dealership of a national brand. I'm not sure if they were Ceritified Pre Owned though.

If you do buy Certified Pre Owned, be sure to just check ebay prices and prices everywhere to see what the thing is really worth. Dealers have a butt load of wiggle room on used vehicles.

But, to each his own.

Edit : to Inflicted..

Yeah, the web offers you a lot more tools for searching for your vehicle. Searching craigslist and nearby craigslist, your local autoshopper or whatever the free auto classifieds magazine is in your neighborhood. Keeping your eyes out for sale signs just driving and walking around your town. Dealerships can help you decide what you want, and obviously you may wind up needing to compromise on certain aspects of your vehicle. If I was looking for a 1997-2000 honda civic, I'd be looking for a manual transmission car without a (motherfsdfsding) sunroof. I'd probably prefer a 2 door for style but if a nice 4 door came up, I'd take it. Color, I'd probably be pretty flexible though I'd prefer black.

If you go looking for a single very specific used car your life will be a little bit harder except for much newer things. It depends on your price range and indeed if you are looking at over 15,000 dollars for just a normal car, than probably the majority of those vehicles are going to be at a dealers lot because most of the time it will be someone who decided to "trade up". In that case, certified pre owned is the way to save some money, and you will be hard pressed to find a private party with the vehicle you want. I say "for just a normal car" because specialty cars are sold at higher prices all the time, but a regular subaru outback or a honda odyssey that is near new is usually gunna be at a dealership.

On craigslist you often find "take over payments" guys who are just trying to get out of their car. Sometimes they will say "take over payments, and I give you 2000 bucks' occasionally these are good deals.

Another thing.. I don't know if you have ever tried to actually wrangle ANYTHING out of a car dealership, but it isn't fun or easy and for the premium you pay (if you had a choice) when buying from one, it is seldom worth the money. My parents bought a new CRV in 2006 and actually paid extra for some kind of dealer extended warranty. The latch that reclines the rear seat broke and we had to waste hours talking with them to get them to replace it under warranty (it was still under the normal factory warranty at the time). If the car was not under warranty I'd have ordered a new part from a honda dealer parts website online, and fixed it myself it probably would have taken less time. I just felt that I was morally obligated to get them to do their job.

I'm not saying all car dealerships are like this, but they can be and wasting hours trying to take advantage of that precious warranty sometimes makes it barely worth having a warranty.
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