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I agree with Shartley, words are better than old school guns.

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I like it. I'll definately buy at least 4 two for me and 2 for wifey. I like the lack of guns.

While I agree with deadfall that it could imply the wearer is old, I don't mind. I am not that old but I've been playing for 20 years and counting. The last data I saw stated the average time players spent in the sport before moving on to other things was between 2-3 years, so I'd say that makes most of us here vintage paintballers.
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I definitley want one of those I even like the brown color of the shirt.

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Here is my "Old School" hat and shirt.
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Too bad the marker doesn't match well with them... too 'bling'.
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I love the color, simple. The wording would imply that I am old to someone who doesn't understand. I could see the back of one shirt saying.."You missed me at how many BPS?" and so on. I think we should have shirts made with different sayings on them over the next year. Mottos if you will. I wouldn't put photos of KPs and such on there, the artist may not do a "good job" and that would have a negative effect on our shirt.

One could say "Defending the castle, one ball at a time"

"It takes balls to play Paintball"

"Manually loading, pumping and shooting players since 2003"

Just some ideas for you guys. No matter what I support MCB and would order one.

on my myspace page

And I'm working on getting some sticky paper for a bumper stick for my truck as well.

Hope this helps
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Why not overlay the "Vintage Paintballer" with a Grey Ghost or a SI Bushmaster? I'm not too into the back, because pump never really went out of style, did it?

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sold for fish tacos
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