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Anyone have a big first aid kit they love?

I need to pick up a fairly large kit for team events and scenario productions. If anyone has something they love I would love to hear about it

Or, what list did you use to assemble your kit?


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Shipped price is valid to domestic buyers and will be USPS priority. International buyers are welcome, but will cover additional costs. Insurance costs are included. If you prefer an uninsured package, you the buyer will assume all risk once I ship.
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I have a couple older ones. They are old bc hydro ones i was given when they expired. I used to manifest to and replaced everything that was past its best before or missing. Best part is the cases are all steel and waterproof. Unlike the plastic ones at work that break. Two things I would add that is usually not included are.
1 electrical tape, works great for keeping cuts from getting dirty
2 little single serving Gatorade packages, just add to water helps if you find someone getting really dehydrated
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I'm a paramedic and also work the odd shift in the ER at my local trauma center. A colleague of mine started a business that hires medics to work on movie sets for more 'involved' shoots that require stunts, pyrotechnics, etc. for insurance purposes. Having asked me to work for him, I'd assembled my own trauma bag to carry with me on set. It's probably a little more involved than the average lad would need.

I would stick to trauma/musculo-skeletal & immobilization versus delving in to oxygen, symptom relief, IVs, etc, etc. My kit has all types/sizes of dressings; band-aids, gauze, cling, bulk/abdominal compresses, slings, cold packs, irrigation, etc. + Trauma shears, flashlight, CAT tourniquet, Glucometer, adult BVM, Tympanic thermometer, C-Collar, speed splints, Stethoscope and a few other pieces of kit I'd use day-to-day regardless.
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As a lay person I honestly wouldn't go any farther than some splints(sam splints or rigid splints) some antibiotic ointment, a selection of band-aids, some black tape or duct tape for a bandage, some cold/hot packs, and powerade gatorade or squincher packs. Oh and don't forget Water and a pain relief such as Tylenol, advil, or acetaminophen.

If you have any medical training you should know what things you'd need to do basic stuff but i would leave the advance stuff to the higher trained.

I would go to your local store and buy one of the first aid kits as a starter kit and just add and subtract from there.
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Duck tape, gause, antiseptic. Nothing else needed or its helicopter time.
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Originally Posted by coyote View Post
I need to pick up a fairly large kit for team events and scenario productions. If anyone has something they love I would love to hear about it

Or, what list did you use to assemble your kit?
Isn't Fridaddy a paramedic?
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talk to everex ... He's combat medic trained
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