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Originally Posted by EL17E 76 View Post
Just because it was "funny" and/or had a long run does not mean it was a good show
e.g. Perfect Strangers - Charles in Charge - The Nanny - Friends - Seinfeld - 7th Heaven - Baywatch - Full house - Beverly Hills 90210 - Step by Step - WWE RAW - I can go on and on
I think if its a comedy, and its funny, that's a win????
I remember watching it the 1stday night....I think they played it like 3 times because Fox was just starting out. I laughed every time. I still watch at 4am when I get home from many of these shows would you be willing to watch now?
I remember renting Dukes when they released it a few years back. Couldn't gawd it was awful. Watched it with my kids and we could barely watch 15 mins.
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Originally Posted by Schmitti View Post
And... a list from IMDB:
"Forgotten Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV shows and movie pilots"
IMDb: Forgotten Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV shows and movie pilots - a list by kbows71
It is frightening how many of those spark memories now that I see them listed. One they seem to have missed though that I really liked was Tales of the Gold Monkey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Tales of the Golden Monkey was fun.

Don Bellisario definitely has his **** together!!!!!

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Ah yeah such memories....

I had forgotten that in one of the Hulk Movies they had Daredevil....gonna have to go dig those back up...I remember Thor the cheese head that was
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