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Originally Posted by Lrrpie-CT View Post
*edit* As well, and previously stated by a few people, Montana and Florida have similarly high gun ownership rates, yet wildly different violent crime statistics!
Woooo... go Montana!

My next-door neighbor has about 40 guns in his basement, including 2 loaded AK's, and I don't feel threatened by this, as we are both respecting/respectful gun-owners.

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Originally Posted by Lrrpie-CT View Post
The Swiss, though European, are so very concerned with neatness and order (lawns and flower boxes, etc.) that conformity to a communal standard is expected with dire social consequences for violators.
This is the first I've heard about this about the Swiss. Got a link? And I've always heard that the Japanese are the most conformist society in the world, outside of certain dictatorships like North Korea, and possibly China.

Originally Posted by Lrrpie-CT View Post
To make my point a bit clearer, if gun ownership alone was the mitigating factor, should not Mogadishu be a very safe place to visit?
Ah, but the guns were not in the hands of everybody, just the warlords and their militia.

There will be always mitigating factors, because societies don't exist in a vaccuum.

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No link just observation from family and many friends who've lived there. Anyway, it was just a basic comparison of two mostly ethnically homogenous nations with little crime yet much different views on gun ownership, nothing scientific.

(I think we've hijacked this thread long enough!)
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Canada is an odd counter example. Very few gun deaths and a LOT of guns. I think the pistol ownership is a factor.

But you are right Lrrp - thread hyjack - and I started it... and this debate will rage on long after we give up the ghost.

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